This is my journey through Topical Steroid Withdrawal so far. It’s been a hard road but the key is to just take it one day at a time. Each day is one day closer to healing. ❤

Scroll down to the bottom to see all from the very beginning…

DAY 316: Completely wrapped and ready to start the day! I hear this is the ‘in’ trend this season! M/7S EAT YOUR HEART OUT! Excuse the vile bra, I had to wear an old one as the bandages tend to get a little bit messy!

DAY 316


DAY 302: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m seriously considering amputating both my hands! Painful and incredibly itchy!

DAY 302



DAY 301


DAY 298: Today I’m actually really sore. My face is no longer swollen. YAY! But I do have weepy wounds all over my chest. I’m covered in paper scabs and I’m so itchy. I’m doing my best to not scratch but it’s so difficult. My skin feels really tight. I feel as thoughy I can’t properly let my arms drop down because my skin around my collar bone hurts when stretched. However, I am feeling positive! I’ve got used to looking like I’ve been attacked now. Lol. One day closer to healing and that’s the main thing.  Stay strong everyone!
day 298 chest
DAY 298: You can see here how tight my skin by my collar bone is. Ouch ouch ouch!
DAY 298: Can you see the ‘elephant skin’ under my arm? My skin is so dry. My breasts are really painful at the moment. I seriously hate wearing my bra!
DAY 297: So today I woke up rather swollen.  It’s been a long time since my face was this puffy. Is that really me? Questionable. I’d say this is my best look right? My face was really bothering me during sleep and I couldn’t stop sneezing which was weird! My head is banging, my skin is sore, I feel exhausted and now I’m on the train about to start a 12 hour shift. All I want to do is huddle back into my little hermit crab shell and sleep it all ogg but as I can’t…. PASS ME THE PAIN KILLERS!
day 297
DAY 271: I’m having to rock the bun today to keep that hair off my face. I’m trying to keep my face as itch free as phycially possible because although the skins still blotchy, it’s feeling surprisingly smooth. It’s the first time in 8 months that I’ve had smooth cheeks and I like it! 
day 271
DAY 266: How does the skin even get like this? It literally looks like it could be the skin of a pink elephant, hence the ‘Elephant skin’. Wonderful.
DAY 266

Day 266: Insanely itchy and incredibly painful! What a combo to have on your hands, you know, the things you use for EVERYTHING! How annoying.
day 266 hands
DAY 265: Oh my! Today has been hell! I look like death! My skin has not stopped flaring! My hands are drivig me insane! It doesn’t matter how much you itch them, your fingers won’t stop being itchy and they hurt everytime I move them. My face is tight and sore and it feels like it’s on fire. Especially under my eyes and on my chin! What’s that about? The skin on my neck feels as though it’s too small for my actually neck. I had zero hours sleep last night and luckily I only had to do a 6 hour shift today. I don’t think I could have handled 12 hrs! On the plus side… I’m doggysitting this softy so he’s giving me lots of much needed cuddles.  ❤
DAY 265
DAY 264: I feel so much better for just getting up and getting out. It’s amazing how good you feel after a little bit of fresh air! ❤ Today is a good day.
day 264
Day 263: Black country bound to enjoy a weekend of ‘quality best friend time’. The skin on my body is really bothering me today to the point where I nearly cancelled but I ,ade myself get up and get the hell out of the house. Sometimes you’ve just got to push yourself! Here’s to being steroid free for 263 days!
day 263
DAY 259: EUGH! I’m SO tired! I feel like I could just fall to sleep at my desk! I have no idea why I can’t sleep to sleep at night but I’m able to sleep in the day. So inconvenient.
DAY 259
DAY 256: I am currently enduring the agonising deep itch of a big flare at 01:40AM. I’ve been flaring for hours and finding no relief. I know I’m creating open wounds and making my body worse but I genuinely can’t stop myself from tearing it apart. I have to get up in 3 hours for a 12 hour shift and I literally have had no sleep AT ALL!!! I’m going out of my mind! It’s just so frustrating!
day 256
DAY 252: Meet Gregory, my new sock friend for those painful hands. 🙂
DAY 252
DAY 247: Oops. 0__0
DAY 247

DAY 244: My neck, well, it’s driving me insane! It’s constantly soaking. I can’t seem to get rid of this ooze that so stubbornly wants to stay! I’m having to wear scarves to mop it up and change my pillow case every day. It itches like crazy! I can’t turn my head due to it being so tight! It’s just so painful. As you guys can imagine, with it being constantly soaking with ooze, the smell is repulsive! I can’t shake this sour vinegar stink no matter how many times I wash it. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to make sure that if anyone comes near me they have a peg on their nose! Forget designer perfumes, I think we should have one called ‘Ooze’ by TSW, I think it could really take off! Gap in the market 😉

DAY 244: OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! I’m literally sore all over. Yesterday I had an oat bath and just sat in the bath crying because of the pain. As for the tears I cried during the flare I had afterwards, well, that’s a whole other story. Everyone’s allowed a moment of weakness though right? Well, as it hurts to move, today will be spent in bed hopefully catching some zzz’s because I was up all night flaring. My skin is so tight! It pulls everytime I stretch out my arms, my legs, and I look like a right grumpy bum today. Lol Today is a bad skin day but today is one day closer to that finish line. You just have to keep going even though you’re physically and mentally exhausted. Onwards and upwards ole’chaps! 🙂
DAY 244

DAY 237: Well, I’m feeling much better today. I’ve bathed my face in oats and I’ve avoided itching it by using chilled zinc cream and putting socks on my hands. As I’m at work I’ve only put eye shadow on my eyelids to cover up my super red eyelids and I’ve had to colour in forever disappearing eyebrows due to them falling out but apart from that I’m rocking the open wound, oozy, blotchy look and I’m totally ok with it.
DAY 237

DAY 234: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUCH! My skin is so tight and irritant. It’s been so itchy the past two days. My neck is so tight and sore that I’m finding it hard to move my head. It is also constantly soaking wet. It just won’t dry up so I just end up smelling of sour vinegar and having crusty yellow bits by the open areas. Thank goodness I have a whole three days off to relax and recover. 🙂
DAY 234

DAY 231: Soooooo I washed my hair. 😦 I hate that it’s falling out. My hair’s so thin already and it’s taken me over 2 years to grow! Ah well, TSW, you win this one!
DAY 231

DAY 229: Ouch!!!!!! I think I’d better book myself into the doctors because I think this is infected!!
DAY 229

DAY 226: Time for the Christmas party celebrations to begin. This picture is for all of you that feel like you can’t go out because of how TSW has made you feel. I promise you there is always a way to cover up your eczema, you just need to find the right cover up. See the new year in with determination! Start as you mean to go on. Remember beauty starts from within. Hold your head up high, put on that smile and say F*** YOU to Topical Steroid Addiction. You are all amazing for battling this so be proud of that skin! You are true warriors and that really is something to be proud of. Sending lots of love to you all.
DAY 226

DAY 217: (Yesterday) So yesterday was my day 217 and I had such a great day! I’m still smiling just thinking about it. I decided (after finishing work at 6am) that I’d jump in one of our commercial recovery trucks at 7am to keep my friend company on his long recovery up the north Wales. It was great getting stuck in and learning a few bits and bobs from the expert again! I had almost forgotten how passionate I am about this job but yesterday brought it all back. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually gone out on the road with our guys because of my skin but it really took my mind off it. Being with a good friend who never judges me and has supported me through out this process really helped. Constantly applying aveeno cream all day in the truck also meant my flakiness was kept at bay all day. It’s a completely different story this morning however, but I don’t care because yesterday just really cheered me up and brought me back into reality for the first time in 7 months! 🙂 It’s days like that that make it all worth it.
DAY 217

DAY 212: Ok, o my face is so scaly that I’m genuinely concerned I may be turning into an actual lizard! Ever felt like you could just peel off your whole face? No? Oh… Well that’s exactly how I feel right now. Swollen, dry, painful, itchy, blotchy, flakey, and to top it all off I can’t even crack a smile because my skin is so tight. Rubbish! I may look like a reptile but I’ve still made it into work. Even if I have had to rip off my clothes on the florr on the ladies toilets due to a flare up! Today is a bad skin day for sure! I mean, come on TSW! At least meet me half way here. Keep going TSW warriors! We will beat this thing! So proud of you all! ❤
DAY 212

DAY 203: Well, typing with bandaged hands is eventful. I do enjoy a challenge.
DAY 203

DAY 202: Well I’m feeling rubbish today. After calling in sick this morning because I was having a massive flare when getting ready for work at 04:30am and putting on clothes was impossible I’ve managed to pull myself together and drag myself out of bed. So… armed with Nanny Olive’s cotton cardigan and the classic ponytail I’ve made it to work. Granted I look like a crack whore once again but it hasn’t beaten me. I am determined to win and today, as krap as I feel, I’ve won. As for having that phone to my ear, I haven’t done it for ‘added effect’, I’ve literally been on hold for 15 minutes to an incompetent arse hole who called me SIR haha. Oh Life! You’ve got to laugh.
DAY 202

DAY 200: I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! I can’t believe I’ve been steroid free for 200 days! What an achievement! I can actually move my face now as it’s not so tight, it feels wonderful to smile without pain. I may be at work for 12 hours and my hands may be bandaged up but I feel great! I couldn’t have done it without the amazing support I’ve had from all you fellow TSW warriors, family, and friends! 🙂 ❤ I love you all so much!!!
DAY 200

DAY 197: Shedding skin like a snake. Lovely.
DAY 197

DAY 196: After my thirteen and a half hours of being in a dusty control room and not being able to mummify myself in cream and 100% cotton pjs with no bra for the evening has left me in a little bit of a mess. So so sore but I just couldn’t stop itching! Having to drive home on the motorway but not being able to move my neck was eventful. I’m really hoping my antihistamines will kick in soon so I can give my skin a break by sleeping! *yawns* Trying to stay positive. 🙂
DAY 196

DAY 190: So I totally had a bad night. After so long of feeling like I’m getting better, I take a step back. My eyes are a little swollen this morning and my face has welcomed back out lovely friend ‘red skin syndrome’. You can’t really see it here because of the light. Well, I have work today so I guess I’ve got to get over the fact that I look like a crack whore, hold my head up high, and get on with things. By making myself and pushing myself to do normal things means I’m beating this thing! It may be taking my appearance but it certainly isn’t taking my personality! YAY TO REACHING 190 DAYS!
DAY 190

DAY 187: Stuck at work in my onesie and wrapped up in my fleecy blanket. My skin is causing me a little pain at the moment so I’m wrapping up to try and stop me from itching. I may have to raid the first aid box for bandages if it carries on. All in all though, I’m definitely on the mend! I’ve come so far in the last 6 months! Half a year of hell and still nowhere near the finish line but the main thing is that I’m closer than I was yesterday and that’s something to be positive about. 🙂
DAY 187

DAY 182: I am so happy to be back in bed. I’m so sore all over and works been so stressful today that it seriously feels amazing to just sink into my memory foam and hear nothing but my own breathing. The doctor said I should get sleep in little bits rather than trying to go hours at a time as I find that almost impossible so I’d better go and obey the doctor’s orders and have a 2pm nap! I’m feeling a lot better all in all. My face is slowly starting to clear up and although it’s still dry, itchy, red and scabby, it’s not swollen and that’s the main thing. I’m starting to look normal again and that makes me feel on top of the world! I’m so proud of myself and everyone else having to endure this excruciating process, for getting through this. It’s one day at a time and today is a ‘good’ day. 🙂
DAY 182

DAY 173: *yawns* After 3 hours of sleep I’m so incredibly tired I can’t even put into words. With a whole 12 hours at work ahead of me and then our yearly Halloween party to host straight after I honestly just feel like crying. It looks like I’ll be drinking ALOT of coffee today! On a lighter note, this skin on my face is feeling a lot smoother today. Obviously I had to scrub off a lot of dry skin this morning but now it’s off, it feels great. Best not speak too soon.
DAY 173

DAY 151: I am covered in wounds! I’m oozing everywhere and it’s hard to know what’s just ooze and what’s actually infected. It looks like those night raccoons have been clawing at me again! Luckily for me, my shift consists of hiding in the dark, isolated from the world! And YES, that IS Harry Potter you see on the screen behind me. Just continuing the HP marathon in an attempt to stop me constantly scratching like a cat with fleas! Love a good Hogwarts distraction! Time to put the cotton socks on my hands!
DAY 151

DAY 149: Soooo today I’ve been asked if I’ve been burnt in a fire whilst shopping in sainsburys by a very honest 9 year old! AWKWARD! 0_0 I’m not going to lie, my skin does feel like it’s on fire right now so I guess she wasn’t completely wrong, but definitely a long way off the truth. Lol. I can’t wait until we get a little quieter at work so I can make up my honey and cucumber face mask, dim the lights, climb into my elephant onesie and chill the hell out to a Harry Potter marathon. Now THAT is how you do a night shift! 🙂
DAY 149

DAY 145: Compared to the other one this one is a beast! My hand is so swollen! My fingers are pure agony. I somewhat resemble a fiddler crab with one huge claw and one tiny one. 🙂 It’s always good to be at one with nature and all that. Haha.

DAY 145: 12 hours of typing equals poor bandaged hands! My skin is driving me insane! My left wrist is swollen and very painful, my fingers are so sore and weepy and I honestly haven’t slept a wink all night! *yawns* On the plus side, I’m still making it into work, and I even did a 15 minute intense desk workout today to liven me up a bit. Still going strong, even if it does take all my strength. Keep going everyone, we’ve got this! 🙂
DAY 145

DAY 133: That left eyelid is cracking me up! I can’t help but laugh when I look at my face! Oh gosh! Out of ALL the places to get a scab, it has to be in the crease of my eyelid! Typical. Might aswel laugh it off…
DAY 133

DAY 128: So I accidentally missed work today because I took three cocodamol to help with the pain as I was getting ready and it completely knocked me out. I woke up 3.5 hours later realising I was already 2 hours into my shift. I’m feeling really unwell today. I can hardly move I’m so sore, my eyes are swollen and they hurt if I keep them open for too long, I can’t smile because my skin is so tight, and I’m just soaking wet from all the ooze. I feel as though I’ve really taken a step back. I really need to do some housework but I can’t because I just can’t move. How annoying. Ah well, tomorrow’s another day isn’t it 🙂
DAY 128

DAY 127: Today’s a bad day. My eyes are swollen, I feel so unwell and the itchiness is a real deep itch that I can’t seem to shake off. My back and chest are soaking due to ooze which is making me smell SO sour!… 0__0 All of this aside, I’m not going to hide away, I’m still going out of the house (I really need ingredients for dinner) and I’m going to rock this weird look I have going on!
DAY 127

DAY 125: (Last night) After a week of hell with TSW and after a lot of effort, I took a deep breath, slapped on that make-up, got ridiculously drunk and felt great! 🙂 I mean, I didn’t particularly feel great this morning when I awoke with gravy still on my nose from where I devoured roe and gravy like a cave man but it was totally worth it! 🙂
DAY 125

DAY 123: Soooooo, the skin on my face is amazing compared to three days ago! The patchiness has gone down, still puffy under the eyes but I can totally work with that! I still can’t wear foundation but I can stretch to a little blusher. 🙂 Why am I looking so blue you may be thinking then… Well, I’m off shopping to try and find an outfit for my sister’s engagement party she’s having tomorrow night. I need to find something that covers up my skin, AND something appropriate for a party and not something that looks like you’re just nipping to the shop! Oh dear! I have a feeling this isn’t going to be fun! Well, off to find the impossible I go….
DAY 123

DAY 120: When your hands are this red and you’ve been constantly typing for 13 consecutive hours at work you’re inevitably going to feel a little sore! OUCH! On the bright side, however, my hands look like a drumstick lollipop which is pretty cool I suppose. That’s if you weren’t a human and you were a more like a lollipop. Oh…
DAY 120

DAY 116: Looking extremely dry, tired and blotchy. It’s a good job my customers are on the other end of a phone and not infront of my face! Every cloud and all that!

DAY 116: Aaaaaaaaand breath… Whilst I’m supposed to be in the office dealing with the high volumes of work I’m blooming stuck in the toilets in my underwear having a huge flare up, tearing my skin apart!!! 😥 I just want to curl up and go to sleep but instead I have 3 hours left before I can go home! Woop woop to 12 hour shifts! Eugh
DAY 116

DAY 109: Well, my knees just get more wrinkled every day! They’re driving me crazy! It hurts to fully straighten my legs because the skin is so tight! Also… If I put my hands around one of my knees it genuinely looks like a ball bag and I really don’t know how I feel about that! I HAVE WRINKLY BALL BAG KNEES! HELP! Haha. So awkward!
DAY 109

DAY 101: I’m practically like this all over. On my chest, my arms, my back, my stomach, my legs, need I go on… It makes it really sore to move. I’m all infected which you can’t really see here but I’m weeping a lot and now on a course of antibiotics to sort out that nonsense. 🙂 My lipshave also started to go crusty again so I can’t smile. I’ve got to say, I’m so attractive right now~! I genuinely can’t get over how attractive I am oooooor maybe not! Lol. Tots rocking the shit out of the raccoon attack look though! I’m starting a new trend, what can I say! 😀
DAY 101

DAY 100: YAAAAAY! I made it to triple figures! I mean, as you can see, I’m not exactly doing the best (the night Raccoons got me!) but the fact that I’ve done 100 days is still amazing to me! I couldn’t have got here without the support from family, friends and of course all of you guys going through TSW. I can’t actually move properly because of all the cuts and the sores but if I could I would fully jump for joy! Feeling happy and positive today!!! 😀
DAY 100

DAY 96: Ok, so I’ve woken up to a horrifying site!!! I’m off to my aunts today and alas I’m all red and patchy! Woop woop! My eyes have gone all wrinkly and let’s not even talk about the scabs! Oh dear! Lol. Story of my life! It’s going to take a lot of time attempting make-up to cover up this bad boy! Wish me luck!
DAY 96

DAY 95: Soooooo….. My face is annoyingly dry, itchy, oozy and scabby but it’s certainly better than it has been previously so I can’t complain. Wearing foundation has not been an op[tion today. I can only manage eye liner and mascara but at least I’m not swollen. 🙂 The rest of my body is terrible. I have open wounds that are oozing and bleeding but it is what it is. I’m one day closer to healing and only 5 days away from reaching 100 which is amazing!~ Keep going everyone. I can’t thank you all enough for supporting me through this.
DAY 95

DAY 66: Paying a brief visit to see the family before heading off to the cabin with the bestest for a much needed rest. 🙂 As you can see my face is red, blotchy, scratched, dry and flakey but you have to work with what you’ve got at the end of the day don’t you and at the moment, this is me. It’s not my best look but let’s face it, I’m pretty sure we all didn’t think we were going to be beauties whilst going through this process did we so this was expected. Lol. It is an improvement on last week though. At least the swelling has gone down so I can actually open up my eyes now! 😀 One day at a time…

DAY 66: I’m not going to lie, my hands are causing me a lot of bother. They are constantly itchy and so so sore. The problem is mainly the fact that you use your hands for everything so they get irritated so easily. I never thought I’d say this but I can’t wait to get my super pale, ghostly skin back! lol. I look sunburnt on my arms and I’m so sore all over. Ahhh well, we keep soldiering on don’t we… 🙂
DAY 66

DAY 58: I still can’t believe this swollen faced, tiny eyed, scabby, oozy, flakey girl I see in the mirror is me!!! These two people look so dissimilar you wouldn’t even think they were related let alone the same person. It really does make you appreciate your actual self a lot more. I can assure you that when I get the person on the left back all my old insecurities will be gone! I’ll be a confident young woman with beautiful skin#1 Feeling a lot more positive. It may take over a year but at least I’ll have my life back and what’s a year in comparison to a whole life time? We (and I do say we because I am referring to all of you brave, strong and inspiring people out there going through the same thing or supporting someone going through this) We will get through this together and we WILL come out the other side of what feels like an extra long dark tunnel! Things have the get worse to get batter. ❤ Thinking of you all.
DAY 58

DAY 56: I can’t even recognize myself. Who on earth is that person staring back at me in the mirror!!? She looks truly awful whomever she is!… My eyes are all swollen, especially my right eye! I’m sore, dry, bleeding, oozing an feeling really unwell. I’ exhausted, and unable to sleep because of the constant itchy monster! Feeling a little defeated today.
DAY 56

DAY 53: My hands are looking absolutely beautiful. I mean, swollen, red, and as wrinkly as an 80 year old woman’s is definitely the look I’m going for! You’ve go to love TSW! It really dos have the ability to transform the way a person looks to the point where you can’t even recognize yourself in the mirror. What a wonderful thing… NOT! 0_0 Eugh. I know I’m known as Granny James by all my friends but this is going a little too far.

DAY 53: Legs= NIGHTMARE!!!!!! They, along with my neck, have kept me awake since 2am and as it’s my first nigh shift back this evening I could really do with getting some sleep! My legs, however, certainly have other ideas! Two words: FED UP!!!!
DAY 53

DAY 51: My chest is so cut, red and sore! You can’t quite see the extent of it here but you can kind of get the idea. My back, arms, fingers, and the backs of my knees are also really sore. I feel like I have sunburn and totally need to be propped up on pillows only this time I won’t be getting a tan. How unfortunate! Yesterday was horrendous! I had flare after flare after flare! I was seriously going insane! I coulsn’r leave th house . It’s now 02:30am here and I’m awake because I’m just too sore. My skin feels like it’s on fire. All in all, it’s been a difficult few days. It’s a tough road ahead but we wil come out the other side! Until then, we’ll just carry on plodding along and taking one day at a time. 🙂
DAY 51

DAY 45: I’m getting really fed up of never being able to sleep! It’s driving me crazy! I’m constantly exhausted and have become extremely lethargic because of this. On a positive side, my skin is looking a lot better! The light flatters it here, I can assure you it isn’t as clear as this picture but it is better than last week. I’m still getting crazy flares and night time is a nightmare but I can definitely see a change which is the main thing. Battling TSW is so hard but with such a great support network I know I can get through this! I’m insanely tired but still feeling positive. One day at a time…
DAY 45

DAY 35: Today’s mug shots are definitely somewhat of an improvement from Friday’s. My face has still got a little red skin syndrome but most of it has gone and you can’t really see but it’s still insanely dry. That’s as wide as my smile can go these days. I’m still raw and cut all over. I had a ridiculously horrendous flare last night and living with consequences today. Eugh. Still going strong though.
DAY 35

DAY 31: I don’t think I need to say which photo is from before and which two photos were taken today. I’d say that’s pretty clear. My face is scratched and exceptionally dry. My eyes are also swollen and patches of red skin syndrome are appearing again, My neck is infected and oozing. I’m now taking anti-biotics to stop it being septic which I am hoping will make me feel better. My lips are chapped and so tight that I still can’t smile which is making me look like a full on misery guts! I can’t wear my hair down because it irritates my neck which is highly annoying and all in all, I kind of just feel like I’ve totally let myself go! Lol. *improvements*: My face is looking a little better today than yesterday. It was covered in scabs yesterday but it’s mainly just dry today. It’s extremely itchy but I don’t seem to have as many all over body flares in the last week. TOUCH WOOD! It’s mainly just after bathing I get them now. I’m still getting the chills really bad and then getting hot flushes. I feel a little menopausal with my ‘feeling sorry for myself’ mood swings to add to it all! Lol. Feeling dreadfully ill but still remaining positive! J I’m nowhere near the finish line yet but I’m certainly ONE MONTH CLOSER! J
DAY 31

DAY 27: I have the most unkissable lips right now! I can’t smile at all and they are so sore. L If there is one thing I hate, it’s not being able to smile. This is not going to get me down though, if I could open my mouth wider than this I’d laugh it off lol. I think I may just avoid all mirrors for a while haha.
DAY 27

Day 26: My face is so dry I can hardly smile, just to blink is hard work. You can’t properly see the extent of my face here because of the light. I’m literally covered in scabby itchy rash and not looking forward to my bath tonight! I’m exhausted from lack of sleep and I’ve been extremely ill lately which is definitely linked to this. I’m going through hell but still feeling positive. Every day is one step closer to being healed.
DAY 26

Day 18: Apart from looking like I’ve been attacked by crazy raccoons and considering I’m going through complete topical steroid withdrawal my skin isn’t too bad compared to some peoples at this stage. Although I do hope I haven’t spoken too soon! Eeeek! My skin is oozing a lot and so so itchy! I find it hard to move my neck and to fully extend my arms and legs but I’m still going strong! I refuse to give in to these life ruining steroids! I’m still remaining positive even though sometimes my emotions get the better of me. One day at a time. J
DAY 18

Day 4: So far so good. I mean, apart from the constant itching and sleepless nights I’m doing pretty well. This photo doesn’t really pick it up that well because of the light but I am covered in a raw, red, itchy, scabby rash all over but so far my face hasn’t deteriorated which is unusual and brings me a lot of comfort! I’m still feeling really positive about it! I have an appointment with the doctor this morning so I guess we’ll see how it goes. J Fingers crossed.

Day 3: So… Goodbye beautiful clear skin, it’s going to be a while before we meet again but I promise when we do you will be even more beautiful! J I was up most of the night itching but there is no way I am giving in!!!


5 thoughts on “TSW BATTLE SO FAR…”

  1. You poor poor thing. It looks sooo painful and just horribly itchy.

    I’ve had “mild” excema all my life, but had a 5 month “severe” phase. At one point my skin was so dry that when I smiled the skin cracked and bled. I recognise the puffy face and tight skin from your pics, and remember having eyes so red strangers would ask if I was OK, thinking I’d been crying.

    Have you tried salt therapy? I don’t even know if that exists in england but it’s based on the fact that most people with skin problems finds the sea aleviates their symptoms (it helps me).

    I really hope that your skin will calm down soon and become managing again, painful skin is all-consuming.

    you’re very brave and I think your blog is providing comfort to many.

  2. You are so inspiring!!!!! You motivate me so much to stay strong!!! I love your sense of humor! 🙂 I have never met someone who has eczema too, so my confidence almost hit rock bottom until I started reading your blog because I found someone in which I could relate to. Your confidence is slowly raising my confidence, thank you very much! 🙂 I can relate to you so much with the tightness of skin, or changing bedsheets because of the flakes, or only being able to sleep well during the day. I hope your skin will heal soon! Stay strong, beautiful, and funny!!! 🙂

  3. I’m going to read and re-read your blog so many times. Feels like I’ve found a friend who understands. Thank you. Some days I’m just in dispair, trying to find a solution, trying to sleep, trying to figure out how it happens without ever really knowing. Blaming, hiding, crying. We can beat it, I just know it. Thank you so much for doing your blog. I really hope you’re doing well. Neil

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