Products I rate, or products I hate…

Well my lovelies, it’s certainly that time again, time to give some products the ‘Did Someone Say Cheese’ rating! Products especially dedicated to those with eczema to be exact, and I do like to be exact! Give me fact not fiction is what I say so fact is what I shall be giving you. Well technically, my reviews are all completely my own opinion so it’s not necessarily ‘fact’, but I promise my reviews will be 100% honest 🙂 It’s important to remember that I am not a doctor giving a professional opinion, what works on one doesn’t work on another so if it works on me, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. As we all know, it’s just trial and error in this game… Anyhow, enjoy.
Amy-Lou xx
I’m always sceptical when trying new things and really wary of ingredients that go into products. Let’s face it, half of the ingredients in a lot of products are completely alien to most of us. How long are we going to keep putting unknown products into our extra sensitive skin exactly? It’s time to sit back and start to take note of those added bits in those floral smelling dream creams you have there. Are they really as natural as they make out?
Well talking of real natural floral dream cream I’ve been doing a 4 week trial on a product that I just had to share it with you guys.
I’ve had a love for lavender since I can remember and this product has lavender written all over it. I mean, granted, let’s face it, it kind of smells like your gran but everyone loves their granny right?
I was recommended to try the junior range which wasn’t necessarily a shocker. Am I right when I say most people recommend us eczema sufferers to use junior creams? What’s great about products for children is that you know 100% they are for sensitive skin. If you can use them on babies, you can sure as hell use them on yourselves. 🙂
Aviary Photo_130784630170330897
The ‘Salcura Bioskin Junior’ range consists of 5 different products that cover all of your/ your child’s daily needs. What I love about these products is the fact that they have written very clearly on the front of the bottles/tubes ‘NO STEROIDS’ which put a smile on my face as soon as I took one glance at them. I do love a good clear label!
There’s a ‘daily nourishing spray’, an ‘outbreak rescue cream’, and 3 products to help with bathtime troubles… 1. Bathtime Shampoo, 2. Bathtime Bath Milk, and 3. Bathtime face and body wash.
I’m presuming you want to know my verdict on them all now I’ve come to the end of my 4 week trial right? Ok, let’s get reviewing…
 Aviary Photo_130784631805693261
This product I absolutely loved!!!! Like I said earlier, I love lavender and this smells of nothing other than that beautiful lilac wild flower. This spray is something really rather special because it helps the skin repair itself by building up its own protective membrane by supporting the growth of new cells. Now, I don’t know about you but when I have a massive eczema flare up, my skin gets ridiculously hot which makes it even more irritated. In these moments this spray was absolute heaven on the skin! The spray is so cooling that it really helped with calming the skin down. It doesn’t leave you with that wet, greasy feeling that moisturisers leave you with either, it’s light and absorbs really quickly. What was also great about this is that not only is it cooling and calming to the skin but due to it smelling of lavender it is extremely calming on the mind aswel. They say lavender helps you sleep, and as we all know, us eczema sufferers get anything BUT sleep. Whether this helped me sleep, I’m unsure but it certainly made me feel more relaxed.
RATING: 10 being super itchy, 1 being completely itch free…
I rate this product as a…………. *drum roll* a very itch free 2!! 🙂
Aviary Photo_130784631365106363
Now, out of all the products this one is my least favourite. It’s not that I don’t like it but it just didn’t really help me all that much. This product is specifically for those occassional moments when you’re having a flare up and are in need of a little help to stop that deep, constant, all over itch. What is good about this product is that you don’t need to use alot so it is quite long lasting. I just felt that when having a flare up, the ‘daily nourishing spray’ worked better. I think the reason for this is just the fact that my skin hates thick creams and as the spray is so thin, my skin can just handle it better. All in all, it’s a good product but just not for me. The good points for this though is that it’s completely steroid free and so there’s no worry of how many times you’re using it and no worry of doing further damage to your already damaged skin.
RATING: 10 being super itchy, 1 being itch free….
I rate this product as a…..*drum roll* rather disappointing 7!! 😦
Aviary Photo_130784633477819343
If you’re anything like me you’ll absolutely hate bath time! I feel like I’ve reverted back to my early childhood days where by I used to dread Sunday bath nights. I have to literally leave the whole evening free when it’s bath night as I just know my skin is going to kick off and give me just the worst time! If there’s one time that my strength is ever tested, it’s BATHTIME!
For this reason finding the right bath products is key if I’m going to heal my skin.
Aviary Photo_130784634556751567
Bath milk’s set alarm bells ringing whenever I hear the name mentioned. I usually find when using bath milk’s such as Olaytum that they leave a greasy film on your skin when you get out of the bath and that sets me off in a massive flare. The ‘Salcura Bioskin Junior Bath Milk’ however is totally different. It’s a non-greasy milk that leaves the skin feeling nourished and smooth without that slippery film other products leave. When bathing your skin dehydrates so this milk locks in that moisture, soothing those cracks created by severe dryness. Is this product long lasting? Not really but would I still reccomend it? ABSOLUTELY.
RATED: 10 being super itchy, 1 being itch free….
I rate this product as a……*drum roll* very happy 3!! 🙂
Aviary Photo_130784632552205883
I think one of the main problems with shampoos for me was not just the side effects it would have on my scalp if it reacted badly but also the hellish side effects I’d end up getting on my hands from having to massage it in. As you all know, my hands are highly sensitive but this shampoo left them feeling anything other than itchy. My scalp felt so much better after washing in this also which was certainly somewhat of a relief! Is my hair still falling out? Yes, but I guess that’s just TSW for you.
Do I like this shampoo? yes. Would I recommend it? CERTAINLY
RATED: 10 being super itchy, 1 being itch free….
I rate this product as a……*drum roll* very satisfying 2!! 🙂
Aviary Photo_130784632132446329
This has to be a favourite of mine. I mean, I don’t know about you guys but I find it hard to find products to wash in that one, don’t cause too much irritation and two, don’t dry out the skin. This however really was a welcome addition to my bathroom shelves! It’s weird I’ve just said ‘bathroom shelves’ because I actually don’t have any shelves in my bathroom which is a little awkward but I fear that if I say it was a welcome addition to my bathroom ‘draws’ for instance, it may sound rather inappropriate so I think I’ll stick to my imaginary shelves. 🙂 Anyhow back to the important bit. Once again, the lavender was rather potent, not in a bad way, as I’ve explained I love lavender so I am seriously in my element when using this. I found that it wasn’t particularly irritant. I don’t think I’ll find anything that 100% isn’t irritant. After using it, I would use the ‘Bioskin Junior Nourishing Spray’ which would cool the skin, helping calm down any irritation. As for drying out the skin, I found this really holds in the moisture. I mean I still wake up looking like a reptile with my scaly skin but as soon as I wash it all off with this face & body wash, my face feels refreshed and moist (I hate that word) which is a wonderful feeling! I must stress that it is super important to use a moisturiser after using this product though because as much as any products try to hold the moisture into the skin, water will inevitably dehydrate it.
Would I recommend this product? HELL YEA!
RATED: 10 being super itchy, 1 being itch free….
I rate this product as a…………*drum roll* huge smiling 3!! 🙂
Aviary Photo_130784629581296423
All in all I have to say that I really do like these products and I will indeed carry on using them. 🙂 If you’re not a fan of lavender then these products are 100% not for you, but if you are a fan then by all means, give them a go. You can find them on their website and searching ‘Bioskin Junior’
Have you already tried these? Want to know more? Leave me a comment and share your advice and questions with all! 🙂
I hope you found my review somewhat helpful.




If you follow my instagram account @cheese_isakindofmeat you will already be aware that I have put the LUSH ‘porridge soap’ to the ultimate test and given it a 7 day trail. The 7 days were up yesterday and so it’s time for the verdict.

LUSH was always a shop I avoided like the plague. Ok, maybe to say I avoided it like the plague is a little dramatic, but I certainly didn’t go anywhere near the shop for fear of being ushered in by the overly polite and weirdly passionate employees insisting they show you how a bath bomb works in a small metal bowl allocated at the front of every store, whereby you have to pretend you’re amazed by it and awkwardly act like you may consider buying one before trying to leave the store subtly. Top marks for customer service I suppose. To suggest to them that you can’t use bath bombs due to having a skin condition only strikes up a pointless conversation that frankly takes up too much of my precious time where they insist their products are all natural but failing to understand that it doesn’t matter how ‘natural’ their products are, bathing in black pepper and grapefruit is never going to agree with our skin, and well, to bring up the topic of TSW is a whole different conversation! Having to constantly explain to people the dangers of topical steroids and the process of withdrawing from them really does get a little tedious at times.

After my best friend Sam insisted I go into the shop with her when on a shopping trip I naturally started checking out all the products they have to offer, mainly to avoid looking like a lost puppy and therefore being approached by the said staff trying to do a bit of ‘add on’ sales. My ‘bessie’ (as they label best friends these days, whoever ‘they’ may be) directed me to a soap called ‘porridge soap’ due to me constantly insisting oats are good for your skin. It wasn’t the most attractive looking soap to be brutally honest, if soap can be attractive that is but regardless of its weird appearance I thought I’d do some research. After all, as we all know by now, you should never just anyone or anything by its physical appearance.

The ingredients aren’t quite ‘ALL natural’ as the staff constantly insist, which wasn’t exactly a shock discovery. The soap consists of…
Water (Aqua), Rapeseed Oil and coconut oil, Glycerine, Pinhead Oatmeal, Sorbitol, Fresh Organic Orange Juice, Titanium Dioxide, Perfume, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Labdanum Resinoid, Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Sodium Chloride, EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Sodium Hydroxide and Limonene.

I mean, half of these ingredients sounded rather alien to me but I thought, meh, why not, let’s give this baby a go. So I whipped up a little block which I picked up for something like £3.95 which I thought was a fair price if it worked and if it didn’t I wouldn’t be crying over the loss of £4. Although you could get 4 99p ice creams in a cone from the ice cream van for that price which is a little upsetting when I think about it. So I started using it on my face first, the soap that is not the ice cream. I used to wash my face in AQS cream every morning and every night and when I first started using it I’d have sworn by it but I had noticed that lately it had been drying my face out quicker than the time it takes me to reach out for my moisturiser to plaster on my face finishing the process. So the first time I used the porridge soap, it was actually really refreshing. It left my skin feeling great and the little bits of pinhead oatmeal actually worked as a mild exfoliator which helped the process of scrubbing off that stubborn dry skin I wake up with every morning. It definitely left my face feeling much more hydrated and far less blotchy than the AQS cream previously prescribed to me by my doctor. So after 7 days of using this on my face morning and night I’d give it the thumbs up. I did have to use a little moisturiser afterwards though as my face started to feel rather tight after about an hour so I slapped on the Aveeno oat based cream which unusually stayed put for most of the day. YAY!
So thumbs up for the face, but I felt it was time to give it the full body test. This really is where anything trialled shows it’s true colours. I don’t know about you but the rest of my body flares like mad if the wrong product is used. To say I was nervous was an understatement. There’s nothing like an all over body flare after bathing to stamp on your positivity. I ran myself an oatmeal bath, which I will blog about in due course, and attempted to use the dreaded porridge soap. I was surprised with the results. It felt relatively calming actually and my skin seemed to welcome it freely like we welcome the sun’s rays on a lovely summer’s day. It was heaven! It didn’t quite smell of strawberries but it definitely smelt better than the medical stink of AQS cream. I did need to use rather a lot of it as it didn’t really froth up but that wasn’t a problem as the block seems to be quite long lasting. Once I’d finished bathing I had a bit of an issue because I had a huge flare but this is fairly standard after soaking in water. For a lot of people a nice bath or shower is a relief but for me it’s hell! My skin just cannot handle water! It’s not surprising though considering water dehydrates your already dry skin. My flare however, was surprisingly over quite quickly. I usually, after bathing in anything from Oilatum to AQS cream spend at least 2 hours shivering on the sofa from itchiness with socks on my hands and my head on my partners lap so that she can stroke my back constantly to relieve the deep itch I have all over my sore and painful body. This time however, I was able to deal with the after bathing nightmare by myself and although I cried and screamed a lot I seemed to fall asleep from exhaustion within 30 minutes. I 100% believe it has everything to do with using this new LUSH porridge soap. So all in all I’m giving it the thumbs up for all over body use.

So it’s time to give it the ‘Did someone say cheese’ rating…
• ITCHINESS, 1 being itch-free and 10 being unbearable.
**DRUM ROLL**: I give it a very happy 3! 😀
Would I recommend this to others going through TSW or suffering from eczema?
WELL DONE LUSH. You have 1 very happy customer.

Have you tried this product also? How was your experience? Leave a comment and let me know. 


15 thoughts on “Products I rate, or products I hate…”

  1. Defiantly going to buy this for Leo. Bath times part of his bedtime routine along with smothering him in 50/50 and emulsifying ointment (bit like Turkey basting) but ‘white’ creams even in the bath like dermol, hydramol and aqueous cream, flair it up. Have you tried coconut oil? We’ve been using that as was suggested by random stranger who noticed Leo’s eczema. It’s hard to know what works when Leo can’t really tell us x

  2. My sister suffers badly from eczema also. She too went into lush after avoiding it and bought quite a lot, but one of the products is a body moisturiser with oats in it and it has almost cleared up her skin. I don’t think she bought the soap but I will definitely be recommending this to her x

  3. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is really bad for skin. I don’t know the rest of the chemicals but I wouldn’t use it. My exzema isn’t severe but this would make me react.

  4. Hi
    I am very grateful for you blog, my son has just developed Psorisis, I am going to try the oat bath an lush soap, I will let you know how it goes.

  5. PLEASE TRY COCONUT OIL…This is a slightly different situation as I am referring to my little Chihuahua dog…

    She lost most of her fur as a puppy last year due to Demodex mites in her fur follicles as she had a low immune system.
    She ended up losing 80% of her fur and her poor skin was red, cracked and she was so itchy.

    I read about Coconut oil and the benefits of massaging it into dry, cracked skin so I tried it on my dog, massaging it in to her skin twice daily and it worked wonders. The oil soothed her skin and the redness disappeared in days, her skin became soft and supple, no longer red and sore looking, no longer cracked.
    Within a week her fur started coming through, very fine at first, then longer and softer.
    She now has a full and beautifully silky coat and her skin is perfect beneath.

    I recommend you use: Raw Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut oil…also, Coconut oil bought in a glass jar is much better than a plastic tub. (approx £12.00 for 500ml jar on ebay)
    Please try this!
    Best Wishes x

  6. I defo need to try this. I seen your article on the daily mail website and just started following your blog 💜 cant wait to try it x

  7. Instead of tap water, try distilled water for your baths and face wash. Maybe the stuff in tsp water is effecting you. I get 2 gallons of distilled waters at Whole Foods for .70 cents.

  8. Hi Amy, I am a severe sufferer of heat dermatitis , I have done the steroids and cortisone creams it’s so frustrating as its on my hands, and some days they are so sore and I just feel like tearing my skin off. I am willing to try all of these ideas, Thank you x Mandy x

  9. I have psoriasis on most of my joints and my hands and feet so finding stuff that makes you feel clean but isnt soap is hard, ive been using the aveeno bath oil but will give this a try too. Thank you xxx

  10. I’m so sorry for what you’ve gone though. I randomly found your website, and was reading around some here and there. I couldn’t find what all you have done other than some of the products you have used. Have you tried eliminating all the toxins from your home? A lot of times conditions like eczema, allergies, and asthma are worsened by the toxic chemicals we use to clean our homes. We think about the food we’re eating, but we don’t always think about our environment. I’ve been shopping at this great store that my friend recommended to me that’s mission is to enhance lives by offering products that are free from all the toxins, and I’d love to tell you more about it. It’s really amazing what all you learn when you start looking into things like that.

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