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32 thoughts on “CONTACT ME…”

  1. Amy-Lou
    I stumbled across your blog whilst searching for some further insight into my most recent flare up and I love the way you talk about and face your eczema – you’re absolutely gorgeous and a very brave woman. Well done you and I wish you lots of clear skin days. Keep it up!!

  2. Hello Amy-Lou I saw your article in the mail. my daughter used to suffer very badly from eczema and we took her for a 10 break at the spa in the south of France where avene cream comes from. 3 times a day she was showered with a powerful jet with spa water. At the end of that time her eczema had effectively gone! There were lots of people there, mainly french, staying for a similar length of time. I really recommend it to you or anyone else suffering. It was very effective then and I think could be life changing now.

  3. Hello,l i saw your article in the Daily Mail, i too have exactly the same issue, i have eczema everywhere on my body. i don’t think i own a single strappy top or t shirt as i can’t bare the sight of my skin. People stare so much that i keep covered even in the summer. I would love to chat about how you coped with things. I use steroids everywhere including my face and have done for around 6/7 years and as a result im now suffering from another condition. Id love to hear how you managed to deal with people staring all the time.

  4. Amy-Lou

    I know this is going to sound like a RIDICULOUS solution to the itching, but I too have experienced this, as well as multiple cases of dermatitis infection, on both my hands and ankles – caused by irritants, annoying skin and a whole multitude of allergies. Have you ever tried burning your skin under hot water? I take the shower head, turn it up to its hottest setting, and spray the water on any part of me that kills. Although, yes, it does burn, it completely takes the itch away and just stings/hurts instead. Something I would far prefer.

    Also, Tesco’s own coco butter body lotion. I use that and then talcum powder. Cotton gloves at night… But honestly, the only thing that ever ceases the itching is a boiling hot shower on the parts that really itch, then a freezing cold bedroom, with a damp towel down and a fan. I find this the only way to calm my itching. So I apologise if this doesn’t help, or you’ve heard it, but I can’t recommend at least giving it a go once.

    I am also allergic to animals which I find massively cause my skin to erupt, just in case this is similar to you…

    Can’t believe your story. Luckily, I have never been this bad, but my hands have felt more than horrendous before with the weeping wounds, infection and itching that I can only describe as wishing I could chop them off. I think you are ridiculously brave and you should be incredibly proud of your journey.


  5. Hi Amy-Lou.
    I too stumbled upon your story.. and it brought me to tears. I’m 24 and have had eczema for 22 years now, in all the possible ways anyone could imagine. I have never, ever read or heard about anyone else suffering the same.. so it’s fair to say I was quite shocked, surprised and actually just a teeny bit happy. Not because of your story of course, but because I felt I wasn’t alone for the first time in.. ever.
    I don’t know if you’ll read this, but I feel I need to tell you how beautiful you are and how beautiful your story must make others like us feel.
    Seriously, keep your head up and follow every day through as tough as it gets. Well done for surviving! That’s how I see it. A constant battle. I’m sure you do too.
    I will follow your progress. Thank you for being an inspiration to the silent minority of people with eczema.

    1. How are you getting on now I wonder? … I had an odyssey of it in 2015 (when your letter was written to Amy Lou) and I probably read thru every post at that time and cried thru all of it. I got so fed up I even started a page on FB: The Eczema Expert

      Anyway, just coming back here now, and re-reading your note, which prompts me to ask, How are you now? Have things improved any? What’s the condition of your skin at the moment?

      Wish you lots of love and peace…. XX

  6. Hello Amy, Just read about you through the daily mail. Please let me send you PURE NATURAL SHEA BUTTER from Ghana. And TRY and you can tell the world the result.

    I live in Manchester but am now in Ghana working with street children and the elderly communities in Ghana. I may be in Manchester by September.

    twitter: odo Social Care

  7. Hello I saw your article on Daily Mail and would really like to help, I have 100% natural oils which work really well with your condition and I believe I can help cure it. You may have gone through many medicines and felt it may never help. I just want to make sure that I am the person to help you with your condition. My mum and brother went through this for years and have finally seen the end to their illness. Your case is severe and I know it is improving with the help of porridge. If you are interested let me know with a reply to me via email. The products I have are very affordable and effective. Good luck, your extremely beautiful and brave for sharing your story and showing us that life goes on, as hard as it can be at times.

  8. You have suffered so much and have been so brave throughout. I truly cannot imagine how you have felt, but am amazed by your resilience and desire to share your experiences with us all. Having all those steroid creams and then finding that they make things worse seems like a nightmare going on a rampage! Thank heavens you have found the answer. But do please also consider taking some proper plant-derived minerals. I don’t want to say too much because I distribute what I believe to be the best available ones called Sizzling Minerals. Really easy to take (tablet in glass of water). Why I am saying this is that we have had a number of testimonials from people who have had eczema and psoriasis – so it’s helping from the inside out. Which kind of makes sense. Good luck and keep posting. You look wonderful!

  9. My name is Mac I hail from Cape Town in South Africa my reason for leaving a comment is a remedy that could possibly help you.In the past 40 years I have come across several people plagued by the same illness as you,the remedy I have bath in Bicarbonate of Soda it can be purchased cheap at pool shops.Put about 4 kg in a bath tub of warm water allow the Bicarbonate of soda to dissolve then lay in the bath for as long as you can , repeat this at least three times a week .I assure you as God is in heaven you will see results I stake my life on it.
    Try it and let me know oh by the way you need to dunk your head under water as well hold your breath for as long as you can.

    I look forward to hear from you and to hear success.


  10. Amy-Lou
    My heart goes out to you! I too have suffered from eczema since I was a teenager. First started in the creases of my arms and back of the legs. Eventually it advanced to my face and hands. After using steroid cream for years I began to break out all over. My life was and still is extremely stressful and I thought the stress was the trigger, it doesn’t help but it’s not the source. I researched and found that the leaky gut syndrome can contribute to my condition and I have found great success by doing the following. I have found that eliminating gluten from my diet and following a Fodmap diet has eliminated my symptoms over 98% of my body. I might get a red rash area from time to time but I use Aveeno Eczema Oat lotion to moisten my dry areas. I have been eating this way for almost two years and I know when I resume eating gluten products for a few days I can feel the itch creeping back and I know my diet is out of whack. I don’t sell any products so there is no motivation for me in that regard. I was compelled to share my success story with you because there I know how you feel. Try this, It worked for me and my wife and I are 100% convinced it was my diet triggering the eczema symptoms.

    1. Hi David! Thank you for sharing your story! It really is appreciated. Gluten free is something I’ve been really thinking about lately. After hearing your success story, it has definitely motivated me to give it a go. I shall be sure to write up my progress. I’m glad you found the cause of your eczema and that it is no manageable. ๐Ÿ™‚ All the

      1. Hi Amy-Lou,

        My wife just sent me the link to your blog, and I can completely sympathise with your situation. I have been suffering from pretty bad eczema for the better part of 40 years. Only in the past year or so have I been disciplined enough to try and solve the situation myself without the use of steroids and in a totally natural and sustainable way (sustainable meaning doing it without the need to fork out lots of money in medicines, creams or other dietary supplements or so called miracle cures).
        Like David above, I was certain that it was diet related and not any other environmental factors so I started focusing on diet alone, so here’s what I did :

        1) REDUCED VOLUME OF FOOD INTAKE – I stopped eating so much. Lost a lot of weight (around 10kg). This helped a lot but I would still get some pretty bad ezcema flare ups, so I knew quantity wasn’t completely it.

        2) ATE APPLES – I noticed that everytime I ate apples, especially the Pink Lady variety (these apples were rated as having the highest level of antioxidants amongst all types) it would help reduce the flare ups. I would eat Pink Lady 2 apples before or after each meal and find that the flare ups would be either reduced or even eliminated. I get the feeling that eating apples helps the immune system in some sort of way get rid of the toxins in the body. Eating apples though, just provided some relief similar to steroids but a more natural way with no side effects. When I had a really bad flare up, I would go on an apple detox diet of just eating only apples and water for 3-5 days (2 for breakfast, 2 for lunch and 2 for dinner). Sounds crazy, but it would help to relieve the symptoms immensely. I don’t own a Pink Lady apple farm or anything, but I highly recommend you give it a try. If you can’t find Pink Lady’s then try Red Delicious or Granny Smith (I hear they are the next best thing – though I haven’t thoroughly tested them).

        3) STARTED FOOD LOG & ELIMINATED GLUTEN – I then started a food log and logged everything I ate (ingredients and quantity) throughout the day. I recorded when I had flare ups, the severity and when they started disappearing. Like David, I noticed that gluten seemed to be present in the meal just before I had a flare up (the flare up usually happens a few hours to half a day after the meal). So I simply eliminated gluten from my diet. It’s not that simple actually, because I love so many foods that contain gluten and it is so hard to abstain. Anyway I became ultra disciplined as I was dead set on conquering my eczema and I didn’t eat Gluten containing foods at all (not even a cheating a day here and there) and after less than a week, I alreadly saw marked improvement in reduction of my ezcema, and in about 2-3 weeks, my eczema had almost entirely gone without using STEROIDS!!! Yay!!! I still got some flare ups occasionally, but I think that was caused by ingesting gluten hidden in some other foods/sauces (eg. gluten is in oats, milo, some potato chips, chocolate (glucose syrup from wheat), ice cream, thickshakes, pasta, soy sauce (which is in almost every Asian dish incl.) etc. the list goes on). Once I eliminated gluten from almost every possible source of food that I ate I think I was about 99% eczema free. Just a little on my hands every now and then.

        4) ELIMINATE NIGHTSHADES – So something else was causing that 1% eczema to hang around. So I tried eliminating foods from the nightshade family, as I noticed in my food log that the mild bits of eczema that were still present seemed to pop up after I ate stuff like potato and tomatoes. Nightshades are unfortunately everywhere because they include fruit/veg such as Tomato, Potato, Egg Plant/Aubergine etc. So they’ll be in pizza bases, pasta Sauces, salsa, ketchup, potato chips, and heaps of snack foods. Eliminating nightshades is extremely difficult for me to do, but I have sorta done it and happy to say that it does help to reduce my eczema, but at the expense of missing out on lots of food that I love. It’s a tough opportunity cost, but I love being eczema free more. It has been about 3 months now of being 99-100% eczema free and steroid free, after 40 years of itching and pain and interruption to work and lifestyle – can’t believe it took me so long. I think I just trusted the doctors too much when in actual fact, they are completely clueless on how to really solve an eczema problem – just milking us for money.

        Anyway, I’ll wrap up my rant with a quick summary of my findings and theories :

        1) I believe that eczema is an immune system response (in our case an over-reaction) to something we did to ourselves. In my case, ingesting food that my immune system doesn’t agree with.

        2) Apples seem to help the immune system along by helping to rid the body of the nasty toxins that we put there in the first place (ie. something we ate).

        3) Everyone who has eczema is unique and have triggers are caused by different things – finding the triggers is difficult but not impossible and well worth it. Hopefully you can find what triggers yours, by using a food log and doing disciplined elimination diets, whether it be gluten, nightshades or otherwise.

        That’s my 2 cents worth.

        Thank you for sharing your story in so much detail. It reminds me so much of all the cracked skin, itches, pain and suffering eczema has caused me throughout my life.

        I admire your strength, courage and conviction in your search to find the answers and you have inspired me to persevere with my ever frustrating controlled diet regime (almost everyday I feel like just quitting and eating all the yummy junk that I want).

        Keen to know how you progress. Take comfort in knowing that you’re definitely not alone out there. Good luck and keep kicking, not scratching ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. Hi Amy I just read about your troubles on MamaMia, I feel for you, I never had eczema this bad but just over a year and a half ago I had a bad flare up, I was in so much pain and cried because I couldn’t even stand to look at myself in the mirror anymore..
        But I too tried a gluten free diet and it worked wonders my skin cleared up heaps although not fully, eventually I attempted a lactose free diet too, although i still eat cheese ๐Ÿ˜‰ and sometimes the occasional dairy/lactose filled ‘treat’.. I now only get eczema in the ‘popular’ spots, behind my knees, on my arms, fingers and on my thighs, although it’s nothing in comparison to what you have and is incredibly manageable..
        I also took up meditating to relieve stress, I know that for me stress is a big trigger for eczema flare ups.
        I know you may have heard all of this before but I just wanted to make sure.
        Lots of Love and Good luck..
        Georgia xxx
        @GeorgiaWish on all social media platforms xxx

  11. Hello Amy-Lou

    My mother sent me your link to your blog today and I am overwhelmed by the courage and bravery you have shown.

    I am 24 (nearly 25!!!) and have suffered with eczema from birth. My skin was rally bad when I was younger – manageable as a teen however since turning 20 it has been a downwards spiral since then. From every cream imaginable to steroid tablets I have bee prescribed it all. The doctors just tell me it is atopic eczema however it comes and goes like day and night. I am so so tired from the lack of sleep, crying and constant scratching. I feel “dirty” all the time and never clean. I have read your posts and found the part about the smelly ooze extremely beneficial to me (sorry if thats mean) I had never heard of anyone else going through this of having this pungent slime across their body which in turn obviously makes my skin even more irritated. I am now the proud user of night time bedwraps – very sexy for the evening. Plus washing them every single day is infuriating.

    Ive been alergy tested and found out I am allergic to Nuts, dairy, citrus fruit, bakers yeast and banananas. I have had such horrific flareups I have called in sick, canceled on friends/family, my confidence has completely gone and I have been so depressed. I have become irrational and paranoid to the point I think i am allergic to my family and boyfriend.

    Your an inspiration and I wish I had the confidence to bare all and show who you really are. There is nothing to be ashamed of and you have shown me this.

    After reading your blog I have come to the decision that I need to stop all steriod creams and tablets.

    Thank you for inspiring me to beat this horrible disease.

    Best wishes

  12. Hi Amy-Lou ๐Ÿ™‚

    My name is Helena. I saw an artical about you on Czech website ( ).

    I suffered a terrible eczema since I was 6 month old (It happened after a TBC vactination). I had that eczema on my face, neck, arms, hands, fingers, legs… just everywhere. Now I am 26 and It is finally gone! I tried everything during all those long years of scratching, flares and depressions from looking like a zombie. I used steroid creams (which is really the worst thing to do), I visited many skin specialists, which at the end suggested to shoot injection of steroids every day (oh god!). So I better decided to do something alternative on my own.

    I started to take baths with oats (same as you do), I threw all the creams away and I bought a 100% bio almond oil. Other nature oils are good too, but this one is the best!. It is possible to buy it on the internet or in the pharmacy. Every evening before I went to sleep I put the oil all over my body and I dressed a long sleeve cotton T-shirt, pants and cotton glowes. And it was much better in the morning.

    But the most important thing I did was a Homeopathy. I don’t know how is It in UK, in my country (Czech republic) is normal medical care for free, but you have to pay for an alternative care which homeopathy is. But It is definitely worth it! After 3 months I started to see my homeopathy doctor, my all life problem was gone. So my advice is: finding a good homepath, use oats baths and almond oil ๐Ÿ™‚ My skin is now normal, like anything never happened, depressions dissapeared, I finally feel like I have a full life. And I can eat everything! No diets or limitations, I can use every cosmetics, showergel, shampoon etc I want to!

    I hope my story will help you somehow, I wish you a good luck and a lot of strength for your struggle! All the best.


  13. Forgive my English .. I used google translator . I am Brazilian. My name is Humberto , 32 years old . My eyes were always on top of my ideals and need . They brought me hope. But when it was a parallel of my life, before and years later, were the same. Then find that all he needed was peace. That’s all. It was not design, no food, no dreams. It was just peace. Then discover that he had to put aside all thought and go after those who could give. John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. From then found the way John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me I am free ! And with smile tell you ; I am free . Jesus Christ is the salvation and healing and deliverance !

  14. hi Amy-Lou. I liked your history. Not possible help you, but want leave my moral force. kiss of a brazilian, Rodrigo Z.
    Bye bye
    You is beautiful. *-*

  15. Hey Amy. I have the same problem but I found a very good way before that spread through my body, that was in my folds including the neck.
    I very redommend you Kungfu Tea 999 Piyanping Cream with SPEARMINT! This is the secret for kill all of allergy and itching. Search more about this 999.

    Actually I have almost no allergy, only a few time, maybe because some foods (like dyes). It degraded the allergy.
    I hope this helps you. Enjoy โค

  16. hi Amy
    My name is Ricardo, I’m seventeen years old, live in Brazil.
    I also have eczema out, what shall know.
    improvements and more improvements for you

  17. Hi Amy-Lou,
    Just a quick message to let you know that I feel your pain!! I have suffered with Eczema since I was 7 years old. Recently though as in the last year I have managed to get it under control and its not classed as mild eczema yay!! I have a severe dust allergy so I make sure that my house is as dust free as can be. I moisturise twice a day with E45 intense recovery and I drink 2 litres of water a day. I do need the occasional Hydrocortisone cream but its that rare now that I just buy it from the Chemist!
    You are beautiful inside and out regardless of your skin ( which I know is easy for me to say because im not living it like you are!)
    Anyway keep up the brilliant work and I hope to read more from you soon!
    Aimee xxx

  18. Have you tried light therapy. mine flared up really bad a couple of years ago but after undergoing light therapy for a few months it significantly improved and hasnt been as bad since! its ongoing and required you to go three times a week but definately worth it!

  19. Do check you vitamin D level, because if it is too low it can cause loads of (auto)immune disorders, including eczema and psoriasis. If light therapy works well for you, then vitamin D may be the key, because UV light triggers vitamin D synthesis in the body and that’s how it helps. Otherwise, you can take D3 supplements, initially in large doses (but consult your doctor first). Vitamin D is a natural steroid which is a powerful immune-modulator. Obviously, if you have low level you may have immunity related problems. You could also try Protopic 0.1% ointment, which is a good alternative to steroid creams. Finally, if you haven’t done it already, test yourself for anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA test). Best wishes!

  20. Hey Amy, what’s up?!
    I saw your blog and I would like to recommend a book for you. It is called “healing psiorasis” by John Pagano. You don’t have psiorasis but eczema, I know. But in this book Pagano describes in a separate chapter a possible cure for people who suffer from eczema. Basically it is about the right food / diet.
    Do you know this book? If not look it up on amazon.

    E.g. here are a few things that are toxic for your body (but your eczema love this s***) Avoid them:
    No alcohol
    no sweets of any kind
    no nightshades(=tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant)
    no citrus fruit (lemon, kiwi…)
    no strawberries
    no white flour products(best is gluten free)
    no white sugar
    no cigarettes…

    You need an INNER detoxification to cure your skin. eczema (and psiorasis) are a sign that the body contains toxic rubbish and thus tries to get rid of it through the skin. It is all about the correct diet/regimen:)
    Give this book a chance if you don’t know it. Everything is described in detail. Regards

  21. I’m in the same boat. Doing this TSW with a Diet and avoiding triggers. I respect you so much. I feel like i have the courage to be able to carry on

  22. Hi Amy,
    I came across your articles by accident, as I was googling for info on my teenage son’s severe eczema condition. He is going to be 14 in the next few days, but it is tearing my heart to see him with this severe eczema. We stopped drugs (the last he took was chylosporine, last dose on the 30Sept 2016 – after almost a year of prescription). He has been home since July this year, no longer in school as his condition seemed to be bad. By the way, we are living in Malaysia. Bad enough, he is the only one in the school having this, and the teachers were unable to help other than just letting him on sick leaves – giving us time to try some treatments. FYI, he has eczema all over his body, as of now, it is severely on his eyelids, face and ears..

    He has dead skins all the time, flacky dusty skins everytime. Please, anyway to contact you via whatsapp at least for sharing information – as he is mentally down –

    We can be reached at alice.symasacademy@gmailcom or via my phone +60109742969.


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