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Twenty something years old. A lover of all things old, Yorkshire tea and anything made out of cheese. Currently going through topical steroid withdrawal and shall be sharing my journey with laughter and tears along the way. ❤

I want this to be a place where we can learn, gain tips, share experiences and support each other. Friends and family will always be there but sometimes it takes a fellow eczema sufferer to truly understand. So, that’s what I’m here for, I’m here for those 2am scratching fests and those tears before having to venture out in public or go to work, and just simply for those quiet moments when you just need a little support to put a smile on your face. You can’t tell how much suffering is on a face that is always smiling.  😀

Well,  I suppose I should explain who I am and why I feel the need to do this.

My name is Amy-Louise but I like to go by the name of Amy-Lou as it’s far more cool and hip! 😉 I need a name to match my reputation and as I’m known for being the coolest kat (spelt with a ‘K’ for added coolness) around I thought Amy-Lou was rather fitting.

Ok, ok, I’m completely lying! I am far from cool and definitely not hip. Unless having flaky, patchy, bleeding skin and having to constantly apply cream to stop itching and creating what can only be described as a snow storm when anyone walks past, is classed as ‘cool’ then I’d say I’m very much the opposite!

I pride myself on being a geek, being cool is so over-rated these days! 🙂

Why am blogging about my eczema you may be thinking, well, it’s most certainly not to parade my flaws all over the internet for the world to see, it is simply for you guys! For all of you suffering with this agonising disorder, for all of you that have lost your confidence because of the way it’s made you look and feel, for all of you who are at the end of your tether and feel you have no escape from this itchy shadow that controls your life and for those of you who are having to support someone going through this terrible, life changing, mental and physical problem.

I’m hoping to help all you unfortunate people out there by documenting my life experiences and in the process of doing so I am also kind of hoping to help myself get through one of the hardest times of my life. I will be discussing everything from products, clothing, techniques, tips and sharing information that could, in some cases, be life changing.

I’d love to hear all about your experiences and any of those awkwardly humorous moments you may have encountered due to your eczema nightmare. 😀

So if this sounds like your cup of yorkshire tea then click that subscribe button and join me on my journey through ‘Topical Steroid Withdrawal’. You can also catch me on Instagram @cheese_isakindofmeat

Together we can, and we will beat eczema. 🙂



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  1. oh and to add on my previous comment my 14 month old son is allergic to garden peas it is the family of legumes (legume allergy) we found out after 4 times of him bein sick, on 4 separate occasions he would throw up everything he had ate that day and by only eatin 3-6 peas :/ so i got fed up and went to the doctors he didnt even need to send us off for testing he knew straight away but we got it confirmed and it is realy common in eczema suffers he would eat them and throw all his food up he would choke and not want to drink water he would then break out in red rash al over his hands with what i can describe as white nettle rash aswel, he would then hve a little red rash around his mouth under his nose, but I would then shower him down and put cream on and soon as i do that the rashes disappear, i dread to think what if he ate more peas but i dnt think he would let me feed him more because as soon as he at the 3-6 peas (in his mash potatoes) he would throw it al up so after thinking to him having peas previous to his last bout of vomiting i knew it was peas! who would of thought it? I certainly didnt know you could be allergic to peas! im thinking if hes allergic to peas he may be allergic to peanuts.. definitely getting him
    tested for nuts, any other food he eats he is never sick straight after or chokes its just peas! glad i got him tested!

    1. I’m 17 girl had ezema since 8 it went away then came back last year after I got it away at
      15 I hate it I now have to wear long sleeves cause it spread up arms it’s on legs now too under one of my arms it’s gross

      To make it worse if all after spring break since I’m in film club have to wear dress a sleeves dress which is short and shows legs for movies. I love film and directing but how can I act if my friends saw this.

      Any suggestions text? (209) 480-8011

  2. Olá, Amy-Lou, muito prazer em conhecer você. Meu nome é Luis Fanti, sou brasileiro, comunicador de radio, filósofo e espírita (que acredita na sobrevivência da consciência após a morte) e também agora terapeuta. Há muito tempo queria ser terapeuta, e graças a Deus agora estou iniciando essa atividade. Conheci sua situação através de um site de ciências. Como terapeuta estou estudando três abordagens de tratamento de conflitos internos: Nova medicina germânica do Dr. Hamer (você pode pesquisar na internet), Constelação familiar, desenvolvida pelo filósofo Bert Hellinger (você pode pesquisar na internet) e Hipnose ericksoniana, desenvolvida por Milton Erickson (você também pode pesquisar na internet). Então me ofereço para tentar tratar você, se você quiser. Pode ser até por telefone. Mas você teria de conseguir uma pessoa que soubesse falar português, porque eu ainda não sei falar bem o inglês. Um abraço

  3. Hello, Amy-Lou, very nice to meet you. My name is Luis Fanti, I am Brazilian, radio communicator, philosopher and spiritualist (who believes in the survival of consciousness after death) and now also therapist. I have long wanted to be a therapist, and thank God now I’m starting this activity. I met their situation through a website sciences. As a therapist I am studying three internal conflicts treatment approaches: New Germanic medicine of Dr. Hamer (you can search the internet), family constellation, developed by the philosopher Bert Hellinger (you can search the internet) and Ericksonian Hypnosis, developed by Milton Erickson (you can also search the internet). Then I offer myself to try to treat you if you want. It may even by phone. But you would have to get someone who could speak Portuguese, because I still can not speak English well. A hug

    My email is: luisfanti@ig.com.br and my phone is: 55-3411-

  4. Hi amy lou…
    Have you ever heard of milk kefir???
    Amazing natural anti bacterial, probiptic..
    It can be apllied straigjt to yr skin.. Although it slightly nips for aboit 5 minutes but subsides.. I have sligjt exzema on elbows amd its works a teeat.. It does nip though.. But its worth the relief also heals it for periods of time.. Really nice lile an egg wash or something dries in quickly and unoticeable and ligjt.. Migjt be worth a try.. Milk kefir also tastes great and can make a nice cream cheese 🙂 hope it helps even if u try it on small area patch..

  5. Hi! My name’s Marco. I’m from Brazil. I view your condition a site “Mega curioso”.

    Você está linda! Espero que você consiga superar ainda mais esta condição. Beijos e saúde!

  6. Hi Amy Lou – I’m a 20 something from Melbourne also and have just recently turned my back on steroid creams/ointments too and so far….so good. Lots of changes here and there and have started using natural products which seem to have worked. I’m now focusing on getting flare outs around my eyes to a minimum. Good Luck on your Journey – people who don’t have eczema just don’t get how freaking hard it is living with it.
    With Love, xx

    1. GREAT to hear of your success!! … I have been 100% natural/organic/ etc from the start. (So whenever people recommend this or that remedy it’s like almost ‘painful’ … My close friends laughed and said i was definitely the most HEALTHY person suffering with Eczema out there..) BUT one new product that i stumbled on, and which is still use NOW . (I’m like 94% clear,….. TRULY am so so so so amazed and thankful) is from a brand called “Odylique” (based in UK/France, but they have a US website too) especially “REPAIR LOTON” .. It actually seems to ‘knit up’ my skin especially if i wud have scratched. (I usually wud run cold cold water over my sore patches after scratching, then put on what ever i was gong to put on) …. Wonderful product. I actually in my fed up ness made a Facebook page for anyone looking for alternative answers for eczema and psoriasis called “The Eczema Expert” haha… ALL the BEST.. Sending love to you… It’s a tough one, Been there, still navigating thru it, But so grateful for all the ‘LESSONS’ learned thru it… xXx

      1. Hi just about to try oatmeal for my daughters eczema. Should i mix it with milk or just water?. Thanks

      2. I always used just water. Dairy can irritate the skin. I cut dairy out for about 5 months and noticed a big difference. I’m back to eating dairy again but it moderation. If I’ve eaten a lot of cheese and drank a lot of milk, I definitely notice a huge difference the next day. My skin certainly suffers. So yes, just mix it with warm water. Don’t make the water too hot because you don’t want to cook the oats. Let me know how you get on and whether it helps. Thank you. Amy-Lou x

      3. Sorry only saw this NOW!?!?!? … How did you get on? I would have said WATER .. I wonder how it all went? Sorry i didn’t see this sooner 😦

  7. I actually stumbled across your story by googling about oat baths and a newspaper article popped up about yourself. I am the same, my mother says I was born covered in eczema and I can’t remember a time without it. Growing up mine was always on my knee and elbow joints, swollen welts that were itchy, annoying but dealable. I’d do anything now to go back to just that. For a few years its progressively got worse, although it does die down in the winter time. It would seem this year is the hell year where it’s just completely broken out all over my body, I wake up with blood on my sheets and struggling to sleep through the scratching. I to have it on my scalp and the looks are very hurtful when you’re having a good scratch!! My back is perticually bad, luckily I can’t reach to scratch some of it. I have been using a very high steroid cream which I know is damaging my skin but it’s the only thing that calms it for a few hours, so I’m very intrigued to follow your story and see how it goes. I’ve actually just had my first oat bath and am feeling very soothed afterwards instead of tight and itchy skin!
    Thank you for sharing your story with us. You’ve already helped me and I bet you will help millions of people realise we’re not alone in our suffering.

  8. Hi my daughter has this condition and it’s true it’s awful but she copes with it every day she is only 17 and it breaks my heart to see her suffering. I hope a cure can be found so her life and the lives of others can be at peace. What can I do fed up of GPs giving her steroids and barrier cream nothing as worked as yet, please advise!! Thanks jazzy bee X. Good luck on your journey xx

    1. Hi Jasmin, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I know exactly what she’s going through and I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to watch someone you love go through such a tough time and feeling like there’s nothing you can do. If she’s been using steroids, she may be suffering from ‘Topical Steroid Addiction’ which is what I’ve been battling. If you go to https://didsomeonesaycheese.wordpress.com/the-facts-what-is-topical-steroid-withdrawal/ I go into more detail regarding what a topical steroid addiction is. Unfortunately the journey to recovering from a steroid addiction is hard but it is all totally worth it when you can live a normal life again without eczema dictating everything you do. Have a read anyhow and let me know if you think this may be the problem. If so, I can offer help and support throughout the withdrawal process. If your daughter has instagram, she can find me on there as @cheese_isakindofmeat and there I document my every day life. I think she would really benefit from following my account because it’s also a space where everyone can offer advise, talk, and laugh about living with eczema. It has helped me a lot with confidence to know I’m not alone. Sending love to you both. Amy-Lou x

  9. Não consigo nem imaginar oque acontece na sua vida,mas acredito que Deus pode e vai te curar,ele só da a cruz aquele que consegue carrega la.
    Você e nova e linda e ainda pode ser uma futura Gisele bunchem, bejos e boa sorte.

  10. Hi,
    Im kinda in the same situation as you.
    My eczema was crazy wordst after i gsve birth. After 4 dermatologists, the last one toldme i have eczema herpeticum, which is eczema but exaberated by herpes simplex, the one that everyone has and prescribe me an antiviral… Its been a week im on it and after 2 days i already saw a big difference… Its doesnt have any side effects or little n is worth a try she told me… If you have a lot of eczemaon your euelids, face and neck … This might be worth a try

  11. Hey Amy-lou, great that you are doing this. Eczema sucks, like, really sucks. Totally know where you are coming from. Had it for years. Tried everything. The only thing that works for me is Protopic. Great that you are bringing this condition to the attention of others and hope your itching subsides.

  12. thanks for writing this – really made me remember the pain and anguish i went through – been clear for nearly 7-8 years now – mine was stress and pollen / grasses / house dust mites brought on by a stressful time (moving from the UK to Australia) – now its about 5% of what is used to be so basically a normal like (but no soap etc)

  13. You are a brave woman and I can sympathize immensely. I have suffered my entire life with varying degrees of severity. I am doing better now but have had years where it seriously affected my life and confidence. Also the itch! Ah, people have no idea how much it drives a person insane. Thinking of you from Toronto, Canada.

  14. Hi

    I’m pregnant and my eczema is worse then ever. I’ve been trying everything and now I am reliant on steroid cream. I know it’s bad for the baby. I’ve seen dermatologist and I don’t know what to do anymore.

    1. I stumbled on a 100% natural (organic even) lotion called “Repair Lotion” made by folks in England called “Odylique” … Highly recommend it. But the posting out of products is a bit slow, but they are the sweetest (with direct experience of it too) people, and there is nothing like their “Repair Lotion” for me anyway. I think their website is odylique.co.uk
      I wish you so much love for your baby (looking at the date, you’ve gone thru it all already; better late than never hopefully?) and for your healing condition X X X

  15. It’s so crazy how I thought that I was the only one with severe eczema… the depression, embarrassing spots and flakes take away our personality. I have had eczema for the past 14 years, yet I’m still waiting on the day that I’ll be free! Thank you for your support.

  16. Connecting the dots from multiple health studies and therapies, it seems there is a strong likelihood that skin issues, including eczema, is due, at least in part, to too much lipids(fat) in the blood. This happens not because of high fat consumption but because almost all the fat consumed in a standard western diet has little or no lipase enzymes. Over time the pancreas, which produces some enzymes, can’t keep pace with all the dead, high fat foods consumes. The reason why many find their symptoms getting worse after milk or dairy consumption is because most dairy products are pasteurized and therefore all the lipase is deactivated. Try raw butter, raw milk if available in your area. Raw eggs (only use pastured or range free eggs) also high in lipase. Another option is avocados. Lastly one can try lipase enzyme supplements although most multi-enzyme formulations don’t have enough lipase to be therapeutic. Lipase powder can be purchased but it’s not readily available in food grade quality. I suddenly came down with severe atopic dermatitis(eczema) after starting a low carb keto diet. Many who do get a “keto rash” but it’s eczema. No one knows why but I suspect it’s the much higher fat content of the diet. The high lipase foods and lipase enzymes have helped me greatly. Hope this might help someone.

    1. Thank you so much! 2 years ago I got eczema but cured it with Green Tea, gluten free sugar free and grain free. I am a huge believer in enzymes and probiotics. I think infection plays a role in eczema for sure. Anyways long story but the fat in my diet has recently gone very very high after a long period of low fat. And i got eczema again. So thank you for your comment, I will certainly be giving low fat a try again in combination with gluten free sugar free and Green Tea!!!

  17. amy-you’re not going to want to hear this-but you’re eczema is probably connected to your love of all things cheesy. I’ve had eczema my whole life (58 years) and the first time I had clear skin was when I was in my early 30s, seeing a great naturopath (who said ‘peole with food allergies tend to either really love or really hate the foods they are allergic to) and doing a three week dairy elimination diet. After the three weeks without dairy I challenged myself with milk and cheese and my skin flared up terribly. Since then I have been ‘dairy free’ and have been so much better without it. If you decide to try eliminating dairy do keep your eyes peeled for all the hidden dairy ingredients in any processed food. And good luck!

  18. Hi. Im a 29 year old guy and ive had eczema since I was 3months old. Tried everything my dermatlogist could prescribe and the only thing that worked was a medical study I had participated in where I inject myself with immuno suppressants weekly. I stopped it because who knows what its long term side effect could be.

    I too have hid in the washroom at work to scratch until my skins raw and bleeding but boy is it satisfying lol

    I have read your story and I find it encouraging. Thank you for sharing your story. Keep on keeping on. God bless.

  19. Thanks for sharing this amy-louise, what I was wondering, is what do you use for natural lubrication when making love as can’t find anything that helps with this for me and my partner thanks for reading appreciated.

    1. HAha. Well I don’t know how you came to think this was an appropriate question for this particular page, but – presuming you’re sincere – there is a natural (organic even) lubricant made by a company called “YesYesYes” … I reckon you should be able to find them online alright.

  20. Hi – came across your blog, im going through the same thing. Worst thing for me is the discomfort of wearing clothes along with all the sweating and shivering and having to work! Couldnt see a date on your blog – are you still going thtough this? I did 10 months but was hospitslised so i went back on the steroids. Ive started withdrawal again now –

  21. I’m 17 girl had ezema since 8 it went away then came back last year after I got it away at
    15 I hate it I now have to wear long sleeves cause it spread up arms it’s on legs now too under one of my arms it’s gross

    To make it worse if all after spring break since I’m in film club have to wear dress a sleeves dress which is short and shows legs for movies. I love film and directing but how can I act if my friends saw this.

    Any suggestions text? (209) 480-8011

  22. My 20 year old daughter has severe eczema on her hands face
    We have tried everything waiting for light thereapy treatment
    We’re going to try the oatmeal bath
    How should we make the face pack
    tho! Her hands do look very old

  23. Hi my daughter has really bad eczema she is 9 and gets very self conscious about it, we recently found out she has an allergy to dairy and egg which has helped a lot, but going to try the oats bath as she still has flair ups I think because she stresses about her eczema x

  24. Hi good day….I have also eczema its been almost a year that I suffer this illness… Which make me irritating and have self confidence ashamed to face people in public.I’m tired enough for always getting prescription from doctor.. Still nothing change…. Its getting worse. Hope u can help me too.thanks

  25. Hi, I loved to read your story because I have an 8 year old daughter who has had eczema since she was 1. It started off and smaller places and is now all over her body. Her hair has fallen out and she keeps getting all kind of infections. She is getting teased at school and im thinking about pulling her out home schooling her. I have tried everything and I have no clue what to do and it is upsetting. It hurts me to know that some kids can be so mean and I don’t want her to have to go through that anymore. I am going to try your remedy and see if that helps.
    Thank you for your story.

  26. I want to say thank you for sharing your experience. My husband has severe eczema. He is miserable. We live in pinellas county, Florida where our summers are brutally hot and humid. He has awful flares and the heat makes it so much worse. He uses ice packs on his skin sometimes to help the itching. He described it has feeling like red fire ants biting you. He will scratch himself bloody as well. I read an article about your story and had to share it with him. He felt so alone and basically hopeless. Knowing that others have this problem as well truly helped him not feel so alone. We are going to try the oatmeal bath. He has had staph infections due to the constant scratching. We wondered if you had any luck with bleach baths? We read that they can help fight infections. Thank you again for your story.


    1. Synopsis: I have had eczema for 4 years and to reduce itching used very hot water holding shower head; however can cause weeping of skin if applied too long. try just 4/5 secs.Or if at sink with itchy hands run very hot water then onto cold. For my back for when I had little time to use shower, I also used white vinegar sprayed onto a loofah with straps either side so I can rub it back and forth. Alcohol also used to cause eyelids to swell, so be prudent.

    2. So sorry to hear of your (and nearly everyone else here!!) misery. Definitely remember being in a hell exactly like it in 2015… Had discovered the path to really healing. And that entailed some kind of emotional/mental peace.
      (since i already had a clean diet, and had found a super great natural lotion that really worked to repair the damage every morning when i’d scratched 😢 .. This ws the next step. It took time to get there)
      For me, it was unlikely with a local therapist, who co-created a real taking care of me program to go along with my regimen.
      The skin application though was the one that really helped lessen my anxiety though. If you are interested, it”s the product called “Repair Lotion”, made by some folks in the UK called “Odylique”. Their website is i think called odylique.co.uk The Repair Lotion is around 25$. And i also got a smaller couple other preparations called “intensive moisturizing balm” and also “calendula repair balm”. But they are nowhere as essential as the Repair Lotion. The Calendula is dispensable, i just liked the smell 😊 GOODLUCK

  27. Hi just a quick line to say i love what you are doing on here. Im a 21yr old with severe eczema on my hands arms and occassionally eyes too and its nice to stumble across blogs like this where ‘stop scratching’ isn’t the answer. I am always looking for new ways to improve my skin (i work in food so scaly hands doesn’t look the most appealing and can be embarrassing, thank goodness for plastic gloves) so my question is how do you go about speaking to your gp about trying new things whenever i go with a major flare up i always get more steroid cream (dermovate…ouchy) and antibiotics and it has got to the point i don’t bother making appointments anymore and suffer in silence.

    Keep up your amazing work

  28. My wife is suffering from excma mainly on the back of both hands and on her legs. At times she could scream with the itching and it effects me as there is little I can do to help. She is 69 now and it started about 18 months ago. She has seen a dermocologist who could only recommend using creams which help a little. I have been all over the Internet seeking out help spending loads of cash on so said cures but nothing seems to help. I would spend any amount of money on a cure but now having read about oats we are tonight trying it out . We don’t really have a clue on how to use it so only having quick quacker oats we mixed up some and spread it on one hand and covered it with a medical glove. We will see what happens

  29. Thank you so much for the Salcura recommendation, I was diagnosed with eczema at 34 so found it all a bit much as all my flare ups have been a bit hard, the junior spray works well (although my husband thinks it smells of cow dung but I’ve said he’s got to live with it for a while! 😂). The junior outbreak cream is the best ever for me so thanks again and all the best for your journey through this pain in the backside! 😘💞 xxx

  30. Its very Nice to hear that I am not alone. I suffer r lots too. Blood on sheets every night. Night is worse. Like a snow storm in bed. It hurts so much in the morning because skin is so “naked” so to speak I mean it is without skin like it was a burn injure. Its very hard to make people understand. Because tHE word Excema can be very mild in level And very severe And infected. It should be named something else. When it gets to be infected sores excema is not suitable. I have never had any other help than cortizon creames of strongest kind. And cortisone tabletts which work like a miricle on Me. Also light treatment , special solarium. Doesnt help much on Me Either In fact 30 years ago I was given same treatment as I hace today. There is no new meds on the market.
    Now my dr want Me to take a strong medicin that is used by patients with severe psoriasis, reumatism and pain and also for cancer patients. So many side effects that makes Me nervous. But IF it can help I be soo relieved .
    However it can take up to 3 month before you see a change And I just started. IF anybody have used this MEDS, I be glad to hear about it. Its called Methotrexate. Hope to be well one day , I can live with tHE scars on my body. Im in the age group of those Who think Beauty is not a prority. But I understand you younger ones, especially girls Who is suffering not only of this desease but also of the stress the illness is giving you because of marks, sores And scars . I hope all of you youngster is strong enough to ignore those feelings And do live your life , go swimming, dress after weather, ( dont cover your body based of shame. People Who cares dont mind to see your flaws they accept the way you are.

  31. I’ve also suffered about 30 years with eczema
    I cut out all cleaners and laundry soap and use only Shaklee products. Soy products were also a big problem for me. Let me know if you want more info 🙂

  32. aww bless u r gorgeous
    I’m an eczema sufferer I can related to Wht u AV gone through.
    I will try oats was wondering how u made face mask as I can tolerate my body covered in eczema but my face I got it bad lots of inflammation
    Hpe they find a cure xx

  33. Hi, Iam Peter from Slovakia,
    I want help all peaople with eczema, I had eczema almost 40 years from birth, like shows pictures on this website. I think eczema comes from chlorine in tap water /drinking, bathing, shower/, Chlorine is poison, keeping in the body, after gets in by tap water. Red skin with alergic reaction is just fight body protection system against chlorine. Since I use neutralized tap water with vitamin C, my eczema get much better /2 weeks ago/ and every next day is better and better. If you need more information please contact me email: pglovna@gmail.com and
    please if you can, tell it about that poisoned tap water your eczema friends. I have also new project about neutralize /online pipe/ chlorine with vitamin c, http://www.fs.fed.us/t-d/pubs/html/05231301/05231301.html Thank you very much, Peter

  34. You guys should try blended up oats, heat some organic coconut oil in a pan and add them together it makes a thick paste smear it thickly onto your skin and bath in Luke warm water. Its the only thing that has helped me! And you smell like a flap jack mmmmm 😉 lots of loves xxx

  35. I have been suffering from dyshydrosis for several years now and no relief. Some days are better. The past few weeks it’s unbearable. My family doesn’t understand what u go through. Any suggestions for me? Itches so bad. Scratch and they bleed. Embarrassing to go out in public. Mainly in my hands wrists and arms. Can foods trigger it? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

  36. I feel your pain I’m going through the same situation flakes galore I’m so embarrassed to be around my husband it’s making a shelter person I was never that way.

  37. Hi Amy-Lou, my name’s Dan, just stumbled across your blog whilst researching the effectiveness of porridge baths… Haha. I’ve used them from time to time but never consistently, just wondering if making it a regular thing would keep flare ups at bay? I’m 26 now and although my eczema was quite under control for a while, since I was around 24 it’s been as bad as when I was a kid, tried loads of different methods of control but nothing seems to do the trick and get it fully under control again. It also seems a different type from when I was younger, I have very large patches of inflamed very dry skin that I can’t seem to throw enough moisturiser/ emolient at… Sorry to vent my problems but I’ve never really met anyone with such similar problems, you’re right when you say people don’t understand how bad it can be… I had to leave a former job, because I was going through a very bad flare up and there wasn’t much sympathy for what I was going through, more impatience. Also, have you come across any dietry limitations that may cause flare ups? Hope you’re still doing well!



  38. Hi “thick skinned peeps!!!”
    Well I’ve suffering from Ezecema for as long as I can remember. Actually worse as I have become older. I am not 44 years old half samoan and half nieuian born & lived in New Zealand my whole life but currently living in Brisbane for the last 5 years.
    Hi I am Chrissy 😊: )) Im at a lost end with my ezecema 😦 I have it all over my legs (mostly) it is on my hands trunk area, a little on my neck & it was on my face & upper lip area.
    As you well know have tried just about everything!!! And are still using the steriod creams when needed or have no other option.
    Could anyone recommend anything thing for scratching at night (half awake.. half asleep).. definitely self consious at work especially with my hands “its so ugly! But let people know that I have Ezecema and really bad skin.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  39. Question what and how do I go about stopping all Steroid creams?? And what can I use on my skin as a substitute. Desperately want to stop using Steriod creams!!!

  40. Hi Amy Lou,

    I’d love to have more information about you not using Steriod creams anymore.
    I am currently trying that!!! This is week 2 and OMG SUPER HARD!!!!!
    I have been suffering with Eczema my whole life but on the last 5 years it seem to have become chronic. And I have no idea why??
    I’m 44 years of age a kiwi (New Zealander) half Samoan and half Niuian.
    Everything you have talked about I have been right beside you. From being a school and the kids alway thought I had love bites on my neck.
    To feeling like I don’t want to leave the house so self conscious about my eczema on my face, arms, hands… trying to wear clothing to cover my whole body.
    Please share with me some helpful tips to help me on my journey not to use Steriod Creams #superhardbutryingtohanginthere!!!!

  41. Hello amy lou I share in your pain as my skin and issues match yours to a T. I look like grated cheese 90%of the time, can no longer work and am only 26. I am in excruciating pain every minute of the day and night and spend countless hours scratching. I am blessed to have my loving husband who has stood by me through all infections and night less hours of crying and scratching. Although this did not happen to me until I became pregnant with our now 5 year old son. Its has been a horrible journey to be going through but It feels good to know im not alone. I am hopeful to find a cure to this horrid ailment. As you well know im sure some days its so horrible you do not even want to leave the safety of your home as people will stair or ask questions.I have had people ask me if Im on drugs or have aids or leprosy and all kinds of other horrible remarks. My skin gets red head to toe peels itches and weeps as i scratch and dig at it to no avail nothing has helped ive tried it all. And steriods i agree only make it worse in the long run. i have gotten ketone injections and in 2 weks they wear off and im 10 times worse then before unable to move or even bath or dress myself. I have started the oat meal bath as well by your advise and i am so grate ful to you as it has heald me 20% and i will try anything to just rid my body of the excruciating embarrassing depressing disease. Thank you for your journey share i know it takes alot just to post the words let alone pictures.

  42. I just read your article in the paper as I am thinking about trying the oat bath thing. Your story is so similar to mine I started having eczema as a child and as I’ve got older it’s got worse now I have it on my arms hands head face neck chest and occasionally legs. I scratch so much I can’t sleep I’m in agony I weep I bleed it’s just a vicious circle creams just make me itch more. I hope the oats help if u have any tips please let me know

  43. Hi!

    I’ve been suspecting a milk allergy for myself for many years and I’ve been avoiding it. This week I went to have a food allergy test (200 different food tested), I will have my results next week. Since I’m suspecting I do have milk allergy, I decided to be less careful this week because when I have my results there is no turning back.

    I had my first eczema episode this week… Eczema is a symptom of something. Not saying you are allergic to milk, it could be something else, but maybe you should suspect some form of food allergy or any kind of allergy.

    Maybe you already know and went through these tests because I guess you tried pretty much everything. Telling you just in case!

  44. You are such a beautiful girl and have been on such a hard journey. My sister has struggled with bad Eczema since the age of two and I am currently covered in it due to my pregnancy. Just had an oat bath, hope it helps. I have a huge amount of respect for you and your story and wish u nothing but the best for what I’m sure is a very bright and itch free future.

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