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Twenty something years old. A lover of all things old, Yorkshire tea and anything made out of cheese. Currently going through topical steroid withdrawal and shall be sharing my journey with laughter and tears along the way. ❤

I want this to be a place where we can learn, gain tips, share experiences and support each other. Friends and family will always be there but sometimes it takes a fellow eczema sufferer to truly understand. So, that’s what I’m here for, I’m here for those 2am scratching fests and those tears before having to venture out in public or go to work, and just simply for those quiet moments when you just need a little support to put a smile on your face. You can’t tell how much suffering is on a face that is always smiling.  😀

Well,  I suppose I should explain who I am and why I feel the need to do this.

My name is Amy-Louise but I like to go by the name of Amy-Lou as it’s far more cool and hip! 😉 I need a name to match my reputation and as I’m known for being the coolest kat (spelt with a ‘K’ for added coolness) around I thought Amy-Lou was rather fitting.

Ok, ok, I’m completely lying! I am far from cool and definitely not hip. Unless having flaky, patchy, bleeding skin and having to constantly apply cream to stop itching and creating what can only be described as a snow storm when anyone walks past, is classed as ‘cool’ then I’d say I’m very much the opposite!

I pride myself on being a geek, being cool is so over-rated these days! 🙂

Why am blogging about my eczema you may be thinking, well, it’s most certainly not to parade my flaws all over the internet for the world to see, it is simply for you guys! For all of you suffering with this agonising disorder, for all of you that have lost your confidence because of the way it’s made you look and feel, for all of you who are at the end of your tether and feel you have no escape from this itchy shadow that controls your life and for those of you who are having to support someone going through this terrible, life changing, mental and physical problem.

I’m hoping to help all you unfortunate people out there by documenting my life experiences and in the process of doing so I am also kind of hoping to help myself get through one of the hardest times of my life. I will be discussing everything from products, clothing, techniques, tips and sharing information that could, in some cases, be life changing.

I’d love to hear all about your experiences and any of those awkwardly humorous moments you may have encountered due to your eczema nightmare. 😀

So if this sounds like your cup of yorkshire tea then click that subscribe button and join me on my journey through ‘Topical Steroid Withdrawal’. You can also catch me on Instagram @cheese_isakindofmeat

Together we can, and we will beat eczema. 🙂



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  1. Hi Amy-Lou,

    My name is Jean, i from Brazil.

    Not Speak english, 😥

    Eu acabei de ver sua história em um site aqui do Brasil e fiquei muito emocionado, que bom que você conseguiu métodos que amenizem sua dor. Não escolhemos como nascemos e nem onde nascer, mas escolhemos dizer sim a vida! Pois a vida é uma dádiva de Deus, e Deus está contigo em todos os momentos, tenha fé! Seu sorriso reflete sua forca para viver, seu olhar não esconde o tanto que já sofreu, mas o que eu queria te falar é o tanto que você é linda, digamos uma paixão a primeira vista** ❤
    Um beijo no teu coração, sorry não poder escrever no seu idioma em English.

    Do seu admirador quase secreto,


    1. I’m also brazilian and I’ll help with the translation.

      “I’ve just read about your story in a brazilian website and I was very touched, I’m so glad that you’ve found a method to ease your pain. We don’t choose how and where we’re born. but we choose what kind of life we want to follow. Because life is a God’s gift, and God is with you every moment, have faith! Your smile reflects the strenght you have to live, your eyes don’t hide the pain you went through, but what I want to tell you is that you’re beautiful, we can say it was love at first sight ❤
      A kiss in your heart, I'm sorry that I can't write in your language, english.

      From your secret admirer,


  2. message translated

    Amy Hello, my name is Daniel am 20 years old, I am Brazilian and I am using Google translator to send you a Feedback affection, for I saw your sad case, his fight against the disease, their difficulties in having social relations, all his embarrassment before people, the thought and made mockery, jokes, but it has also seen a warrior, a brave woman, beautiful, I confess I was up emmocionado with its history, and yet I come to wish you all good that the heart of person who understands the pain and suffering of others, all the happiness in the world, all the warmth that you can receive, respect, and all the pride of who knows you and captivates you, must you, with love
    Daniel, only one person so to see you will adimirar you for the rest of my life.

    Original menssage

    “Ola Amy, meu nome é Daniel tenho 20 anos, eu sou brasileiro e estou usando o Google tradutor para te mandar uma menssagem de carinho, pois eu vi o seu triste caso, sua luta contra a doença, suas dificuldades em ter relaçoes sociais, todo seu constragimento perante pessoas, que a julgavam e faziam chacotas, gracejos, mais tambem vi uma guerreira, uma mulher valente, linda, confesso que fiquei ate emmocionado com sua historia, e contudo venho te desejar o que toda pessoa de bom coraçao que entende a dor e o sofrimento de outras, toda felicidade do mundo, todo carinho que se possa receber, todo respeito, e todo o orgulho de quem que te conhece e te cativa, tem de voce, com carinho
    Daniel, apenas uma pessoa que so de te ver ira te adimirar pelo resto da minha vida.”

  3. Hi. I’m from Brasil(sorry for bad English) , and i saw you story on a website. I just want to say to you keep strong and keep battle, some day you will get over this!
    I’ll be praying for you to,get better!
    Btw, you are wonderful! Keep smiling, that is the best thing to keep fighting!

  4. Well I can tell you that I am your fan.
    read I read about you a lot and understand their suffering, not because of eczema, but by “discrimination” that you suffered and still suffer, I know how this must be tricky to deal with.
    I also have small issues regarding skin and all, nothing records, but that leaves me, embarrassed and frustrated for being so, I have done many things to try to cure it, but nothing worked.
    I see you as an inspiration, as a light at the end of the tunnel, you have the power to know and live a normal life, like everyone else, but the important thing is that you are not just any, but a fighter, a true gurerreira.
    Well, I call Maicon Cristiano Rech, I’m nineteen, I’m from Brazil and I take you as a great inspiration.
    Thank you for existing 🙂

  5. Hey, Amy.
    You’re kinda gorgeous, really!!! Smart, kindful, pretty!!! Don’t let this disease breaks you down. You’ve got much more to live and learn and hopefully you’re gonna get over all this. Congrats for have been being strong all this time and I must say that after reading your text i’m supposed to say that I consider you a warrior! Keep focousing on your treatments and methods to numb your pain and NEVER EVER give up, ok?

    You’re beautiful, girl! Your beauty is unique!!! ❤

  6. Hello Amy . Im from Brazil , Sao Paulo. I suffered for years from eczema. I tried several treatments lights, creams and the only effective alternative was a vaccine. My eczema was due to dust allergies . I hope that solves your problem . Good luck.

  7. Amy, sweet… it’s incredible how strong you are! I probably not be able to stand it. I just want to say, it’s beautifil how you can fight in your situation. And especially you’re beautifil, not just physically your history through all you pass. Congrats for all.

  8. hello! I’m a rafaela and i from Brazil. I see your story of your “problem” in one website of brazil. I want speak To you i admire/love your story, you are a real Warrior everyday! Peace.
    And sofreu for my english. I don’t speak

  9. Hi! Sorry about my english, I’m from Brazil, but I need to write you this. I read your history and I think you are incredible, amazing. Wish you the best, your great and thanks for your bravery! By the way, you are beautiful!

  10. Hey Amy Lou,

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing your story. When I read it, it was like you were talking about me, even loving the tea and yorkshire part haha.

    I was born with eczema, but was mild as a kid and eventually grew out of it in my teens, and then had beautiful skin in my early 20’s. But then when I was 28, bang…I was hit with the worst eczema of life where it led to major infections, weeping, swelling all over my body and face, constantly cold and shivering, and I developed a condition called cellulitis. I ended up being hospitalized in Hong Kong, which is where my ship was docking at the time. Since then, I have been battling with my atopic dermatitis on and off. Like you, I’ve been trying to ween myself off of steroid creams and pills (prednisone) by trying to heal myself from the inside out. I’ve done a lot of research, and I have been trying to change my diet, taking all the supplements to support the immune and digestive system, just pretty much trying to clean my insides sort of speak.

    When you described how you left a cloud of dry skin, you had to change your sheets because of the weeping, blood and dry skin, how you felt so unattractive when you were in public, how your fashion sense went suffered due to having to wear cotton loose clothing….everything you described was exactly me for the past year and a half. The hair thing too; I use to have the nicest hair and washed it everyday. But then it started to fall out at an alarming rate, trying to cover the bald spots by moving my part around. My eyebrows were disappearing, so I had to start drawing them in. The silver lining of it all, is that I haven’t had to shave for several months due to the hair not wanting to grow back.

    What I’m trying to say is, it is so nice to hear that someone is going through the exactly the same thing as me. You are such a pretty girl, but you can’t show your true self because of something that you can’t even control, which is so disheartening and frustrating. I know I feel trapped which is the worst feeling in the world. At times I don’t leave my room because I’m too embarrassed and tired of having to explain my situation to people who are rude to ask what’s wrong with your skin. You are so right about eczema being a big deal: I now on medical leave and probably won’t be hired back to work due to my condition; I am now a liability because I keep getting sick due to my skin.

    For the past 2 months, I have been going all natural and no longer use steroids. I use coconut and almond oil, which I do find help but you do have to constantly keep reapplying it. I take pure silver coilloids to help with your immune system and to heal your cuts. I take many supplements like omega-3 fish oil, quercetin, borage oil, and a good potent probiotic. In addition to all that, really focus on eating a lot of produce to give yourself the highest amount of nutrients to help heal and reproduce strong cells. I have noticed a huge improvement in my condition in such short time. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thanks again for your support, and keep being strong!

  11. Hello! I am Brazilian and I also have eczema, not so severe at least from time to time, is constant in my legs and thighs and when attacks take my body to the neck. I do my own home treatment also with coconut oil (myself extract the oil) along with a restricted diet.
    Another problem is trying to take my peace (hahaha) since age 11 I started getting bad odor complaints that always I related to perspiration (egg smell, rotten thing, sewage etc), but recently I have a great belief that is the odor syndrome fish (Trimethylaminuria) to find out through reports on the Internet, most doctors unaware of this condition which made my visits to the doctor useless and comical when they said that it was bad hygiene (hahaha) and until the test is difficult to achieve.
    What led me to add something else to my treatment, in my research I read about some lactobacilli help in this syndrome and also found that help in eczema.
    any changes or improvements come leave a testimonial ^^.

    Today I have 25 years.

    One step at a time and moving on.

  12. hi, i´m from brazil and born in bolivia, so i’m just one of the exemples that the world is with you and you will win this fight, good luck and daaamn you’re bealtiful ;D

  13. Olá Amy, antes de tudo peço que use o google translate para traduzir meu texto por que tenho pouca proficiência para redigir em inglês. Mas vamos lá.
    No inicio de 2011 fui à uma alergologista para tratar de uma doença parecida com a sua, porem a minha era mais concentrada em algumas partes do corpo. Após alguns exames, a médica receitou um creme manipulado com algumas substâncias para eu passar nas áreas afetadas, e ao usar o creme por mais ou menos uma semana, as eczemas praticamente sumiram.
    Se desejar, me envie um e-mail, em inglês mesmo, que eu passo a formula para você.
    Boa sorte no seu tratamento!


  14. I had bad eczma through my teens and my early 20s it ruined me..I changed my diet to just meat an veg(none processed meat)and drank plenty of water every day and i dont have to use steroid creams any more.My skin visibly cleared up within days and i felt amazing.Now i dont eat bread,milk or anything processed or ‘man made’.I believe Its what you put in your body.But after years or using steroid creams i know have thin skin and have to be careful.Only shower and not for longer than ten mins.Dont have it too hot or too cold either both are bad.Emulsyfying ointment is best for moisturising as it has nothing in it.Ive noticed if my skin does flare up an i feel tired an groggy due to my eczma i drink plenty of water and go gym a sweat whatever crap out of my body and it seems to work.Always remember temp control is important.No extreme temps.No dust,aired house and a good diet clean bedding.Hope ive helped people.

    1. Brilliant experience Ryan. And all those things (diet, tidy house/bedding, exercise, etc) are all things we want anyway 🙂 Who doesn’t want those things?
      See my page on Facebook: The EczemaExpert
      it’s a ‘community’ page
      Best wishes!

  15. O que vou dizer pra você pode ser loucura mais acredite só
    jesus pode te curar não que a medicina não consiga mas deus vai além da medicina
    pelo jeito e sua situação é grave (repita com fé causo queira aceitar) ↓

    Eu aceito Jesus Cristo como único Senhor e Salvador de minha vida. Quero fazer parte do Teu plano para minha vida. Neste momento, meu Pai, recebo teu filho Jesus em meu coração para que seja quebrado em mim uma velha mulher, e que eu seja feito nova criatura. Eu renuncio a todas as minhas ações que foram feitas contra Tua vontade. Perdoa-me Senhor, pois quero ser renovada; quero fazer parte da Tua família, ser Teu filha amada. Quero andar contigo todos os dias da minha vida, viver a verdade que é a Tua Palavra, seguir Teus passos, regozijar em Ti, ver a Tua glória.
    Quero que sejas o meu conforto nos meus momentos de insegurança, que sejas a minha alegria quando eu estiver triste, que sejas o meu escudo que me guarda dos inimigos, que sejas o meu socorro pois não temerei nenhum mal e nem a solidão.
    Declaro que Tu estarás sempre comigo e serás meu melhor amigo. Jesus, Te amo, Te quero e desejo Tua presença.


  16. Olá querida! Li sobre você, e resolvi vir aqui dizer que desejo toda a sorte do mundo, e que você irá vencer, e ultrapassar todas as barreiras! Não dê importância a qualquer comentário ruim, pois há pessoas que tem toda a saúde mas nada adianta se não tem um bom coração! Bom… Eu sei que você não acredita em Deus, mas olha, quando estiver se sentindo mal se apegue na sua fé, eu tenho certeza, que se existe algo que pode te curar é Deus e a sua fé! Ele é o médico dos médicos!!!! Você mesma pode lutar com amor e fé ❤️ boa sorte!

  17. You’re an inspiration!
    As a fellow eczema sufferer I just love how you’re making it okay to speak out about this disease and how it affects the people who suffer from it.
    I have suffered since 6 months old and at 26 (almost 27 now!) I am finally getting on top of this chronic illness. It’s refreshing to hear from someone who suffered as severely as I have. Nothing would dishearten me more as a child than to have weeks in hospital being wetwrapped and hours in a chamber being exposed to UV light then having to literally peel my own clothes off my skin at night than having someone with (to me) amazingly clear skin saying “oh I have eczema too”.
    I will continue to follow your journey and I am sending my support through the interwebs for you!!

  18. Hey,

    I saw a post about your experiences on facebook, and I gotta say – been there! Just as bad, unfortunately. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried this idea, but it worked for my scorisis. Find a dairy farmer (if you know any) or a supply store for livestock and ask for “udder cream” – the cattle develop eczema on their teets from the milking and the cream relieves it. It worked amazingly on my skin and I noticed no negative side effects. Just thought I’d pass on some local knowledge from Australia. Be well. You’re not alone.

    – Trace

      1. my baby who is 14 months old now, he had very server eczema from age of 2months old, had to use creams after creams we have tried everything that doctors and dermatologist had prescribed him, to no avail, i then asked if we could have some aveeno oatmeal cream and omg it worked wonders! no more steroid creams! it has been a huge relief of stress and being upset constantly seeing our boy with red raw weeping skin al over his body he really did look like he had been badly burnt and people would comment in supermarkets saying I shouldnt let him in the sun! 😦 very distressing! but after months of steroids (that was the only way to get his skin to some what normal) then we would stop using it for a few days and bam! eczema always came bk with vengeance 😦 he now has not had anyyy steroid creams whats so ever 🙂 and its either because hes now on full fat cows milk or the cream or mixture of both but either way i do think the aveeno cream helped! we now dnt even need any bath additive because i pop cream on b4 his bath (always shower him down after his bath) an then put cream on straight away and his skin is sooo soft 🙂 i jusr love this cream tho it may not work for some people but if u havnt tried it or hvnt stuck at it longer than a month id say definitely do!! or my suggestion is HEMP cream! u can get it here in england the shop where i got it from it is called the body shop.. i think its there own brand but im sure u may find it online, on their online store maybe, but i swear by tht aswel i use tht on my son I between creaming i now only use aveeno for my sons body in the morning and after bathing/showering and again befor bedtime if he needs more top ups through out the day (which he rarely doesn’t) then id pop hemp cream on an it keeps it sooo soft i just swear bye aveeno oatmeal cream and hemp cream 🙂

  19. Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing cream has helped me a lot. I couldnt hold a pen for 3 months for the cracks in my hands, immense pain that so few understand. I find stress is a major contributor, but this cream has been a life saver to me. I love it. I also use calamine lotion to ease the itch, i get it on my neck and face as well and so much better than the dangerous steroid creams.

  20. Thank you for shareing, I personally do not suffer from sever ( mine is pretty mild) eczema,my son who is 3 dose I may not be the one scratching but i am with him on all his sleepless nights, And wial he puts on a simle to go about i cry because soon he will understan the questions and comments I get about him. I know you ment this for fellow suffers but you will never know what this means to me.

  21. Hi Amy-Louise
    You have probably been given so much unwarranted advice over the years, so apologies if this is just another piece! Have you ever been referred to David Atherton at Great Ormond Street? He is probably ‘the’ paediatric dermatologist in the UK and specialises in the treatment/management of eczema. My daughter had severe eczema as an infant/ toddler (her eczema used to bleed and weep like yours) – I used I have to hold her hands down to stop her scratching and rock her at the same time until she exhausted herself to sleep …. all night. Then we consulted David Atherton and her life changed. His is more a regime of skin maintenance to reduce the flairs. He has a private clinic at GOS once a week and has his own website. I sincerely hope you are successful in managing your eczema. You are a very courageous young woman.

  22. I had horrible disfiguring eczema for 21 years. I relate so much to what you’re going through. I never wore anything that exposed my skin because I was judged so harshly for how awful it looked. Turned out that I had to cut out tomato, capsicum, strawberries and oranges out of my diet completely. I did this for over a year and now I have no eczema… it is still weird for me to look at my skin and see it clear! The other plus is now I’ve been able to introduce small amounts of tomato, capsicum, strawberries and oranges in to my diet but they’re all an occasional treat as I don’t want to risk the eczema ever coming back. I do get a lot of other environmental allergies, but they usually are a bumpy rash.. nothing like the awful cracking, pussy, bleeding wounds I had all over my body for the first 21 years of my life.

  23. hey amy,

    i have the same condition, i’ve recently drank alot of watercress stock(chicken bones,carrot,watercress,corn all cooked in a pressure cooker) and it help with the ezcema alot. The redness/itch went away after about a month of drinking the stuff maybe u should try it out.

  24. Hi Amy Lou
    I couldn’t ignore your story when I saw it and my daughter too suffered from excema as a baby. Drs tend to go with treating the symptoms and not the cause. I ended up arranging my own investigations with a skin prick allergy testing. I’m not sure if it’s something you have tried, but once I stopped feeding my baby the reactive foods, also showed allergy to dust mite her excema cleared up. She is now 17 and barely had any excema while growing up. Just wanted to mention in the case it would help you 🙂

  25. Hey girl!

    My name is Sarah and I’m 19yrs old in Canberra, Australia. My sister and I had horrendous eczema (she had it even worse than me) since we were born up until just a few years ago. We seem to be growing out of the worst of it but the memories will always hang around! We still get really bad patches but mostly just seasonally now. We use steroid ointments and creams from our skin doctor, billie goat soap which is recommended for eczema sufferers, QV wash and oil in baths and when showering and I notice that my skin gets worse when I eat lots of sugar. I am lucky to have less severe eczema now but it used to cover every inch of our bodies – even the soles of our feet, which I still have. Good luck and remember that your skin is just your shell – it is no reflection of what is inside. Also, apparently repeatedly tearing velcro apart is helpful as a distraction when you’re itchy…. don’t try it or you’ll just end up using the velcro to scratch your skin with (I speak from experience!)!

  26. Hi, my name is Lucy. I’m from Slovakia and I have eczema too. It all started when I was even a child . It was a horrible, did not help me any cream. To 15 years I’ve had anywhere. Now I have ill only my hands and feet. I think that the eczema develops with age. They say that “if you get eczema in adults, never get rid of him.” In the nineteen years I visit another doctor’s skin than I had before. She said that I visited the Spa. They helped me already at the first time and I was there twice. I am very happy, I do not have hardly any eczema. But there are people who unfortunately it does not help. The Slovakia it have therapeutic spa that containing sulfuric water. Many people from other countries come right to us. Maybe you’ve heard of the treatment. You have more advanced technology than we. Have you ever tried the spa?
    P. S.: I dont know very well to english

    Your sincerely


  27. Thank you so, so much! This means so much to me that someone would explain the many facets of eczema to the world. It sucks!!! But you are amazing and doing amazing things! So thank you again.
    Love, a fellow itchy gal.

  28. Hi Amy! I am Brazilian and I read your story in a Brazilian site, I have the same problem as its only in my hands and wonder what you should go with this in your whole body. Unfortunately also still have not found cure for this, only things to alleviate this problem through ointments. But I have faith that one day it will disappear from my hands because my mother had the same problem when I was young and I have the same problem she had, and now she does not have this problem in her hands and I I hope that one day it will also disappear from my hands. Have faith and esperença also that you will one day heal. And you are very beautiful! All the best to you! Kisses from Brazil! Renan …. ps .: I’m using google translator excuse if something is misspelled here …

  29. Hello Amy , I found an article about its history on a website and it possessed a link to your blog , I was very moved by your story ! It is very sad to see how society reacts negatively to situations like yours , but it’s great when even under so many problems one finds the strength to continue to fight !! Amy , background heart’s desire you to improve more and more, I cheer for your treatment to continue working out !! You are a great warrior and certainly many good things yet to come for you !!
    affectionately ,
    Ariane – Brazil

  30. i dont want to sound mean by saying, that i am not the kind of guy who says “beautiful” to every person with a sad story about their look, when they just dont look good but.. DAMN YOU LOOK JUST GORGEOUS ❤
    for real, i would definitely marry you :))) i wish you all the best in every thing you do!

    kisses from austria :-*

  31. Hi Amy-Lou,
    I think its incredibly brave of you to share these photos in your blog. I have photos on my phone for allergy testing but no one but the doctor has seen them. I’ve had eczema and allergies since I was three as well and like someone said earlier I’ve had to cut out strawberries, oranges etc (salicylic acid).
    I’ve done the whole wearing long sleeves and long pants/tights as much as possible to hide the eczema and I sometimes think I keep bandaid companies in business….
    I’m also an Aussie from Melbourne and I ended up going to an Immunologist two years ago which has helped immensely because I wanted off the cortisteroids and prednisolone.
    I’ve started using the Avene products in my routine and making sure I lock in the moisture with an occlusive. Zinc Oxide creams/products are also great for when things are just burning and stinging and weeping.
    I hope your mission to find a workable treatment routine keeps going and you have success!

  32. Oi Amy que historia tem muita gente com problemas menores e se desespera e vc continua na luta mais tenha fe em deus e vai dar tudo certo minha querida

  33. Hi Amy

    Sou brasileiro, não entendo quase nada de inglês.

    Sei bem o que você passa, não é fácil. Tenho a mesma doença embora a minha não seja tão grave quanto a sua, ainda me causa muita irritação, não só física mas também mental.

    Força pra você linda!

    Abraço forte

  34. Hi I am a 13 year old and have eczema I am recently using the lotion called a vee no made out of oats and I highly recommended this as it is a brilliant lotion to use any advice for my eczema?😟😟😟😟

  35. Hello Amy, I am Brazilian and I read your story, I’m sure you’ll get beat this problem, do not know you personally more beautiful you are and is a warrior woman is facing by all this trouble, heart’ll be rooting for you and your permanent cure

  36. My name is jaina , I am from Brasil not speak english Acabei de ler sua história muito comovente , sei bem o que você passa , pois minha mãe tem uma alergia de pele muito série e crônica , via o sofrimento dele , e imagino o seu , mas assim como ela você e guerreira e vai vencerr … Bjoa

  37. Hey Amy-Lou,

    I’m glad i found your website, I would like to ask if you have been on a oral tablet before which was prescribed by my Dermatologist in Ipswich hospital called ‘Ciclosporin’ I’m currently taking this for a 4 week course as it can cause damage to kidneys and also other problems. I wondered if you have had any experience with these if so i would like to hear about it 🙂

    Thanks, Joe 🙂

  38. Hi Amy-Lou😊, I’m Laura

    Probably sounds really silly but how do I subscribe to you? It’s great to finally see that I’m not going through this alone.. I’ve had ezcema since I was born, for my whole life it’s been none stop problems. Every year being told by family.. ‘You’ll grow out of it soon’ which never happened. I’ve been hospitalised 3 times due to my ezcema and developing cellulitis in both of legs.. Putting me on IV drips for days. When I have a really bad flare up.. I’m covered from head to toe everything swollen, sore, itchy, bright red, weeping skin that looks like I’ve been severely scolded. You go outside and everyone stares like your a zoo animal.

    Lovely to meet you,
    Laura x

  39. Well hey,

    Let’s just say, I’m hearing you! I’m from victoria, Australia and I’ve hit rock bottom. My eczema is nearly as bad as yours (minus hands and face) but I nearly threw the towel in over the last week! I haven’t stopped crying and saying ‘I’m done, I’ve got no control and that I just don’t know what to do anymore ‘. Now it’s just turned from crying once a month to crying every couple of hours……. for hours.

    I have the most AMAZING boyfriend and supporting family and friends but you still can’t help but feel alone sometimes. The money, the trying, the sleepless nights and the building myself back up is just so exhausting. Feeling confident when you start trying a new treatment, remedy or medication then after a month or so being back to where you started if not worse. I’m asked ‘have you tried this, have you tried that?’ And what do you know, I have.

    Then to start dissecting my diet. Being told I’m allergic to tomatoes, capsicum, dairy, yeast, corn and dust but then seeing a dermatologist who says I’m not allergic to anything. It is another thing that plays on your mind. Can I have acidic vegetables and fruit? Can I have milk but not cheese? Is the yeast in certain pastas? I look at ingredients on everything now like it’s going out of fashion. My mind nearly explodes some days.

    How exhausted my arms and body feel is another thing. I have been a gardener for years which is labour intensive but my eczema has been just as labour intensive and the toll it has taken on my arms let alone my whole body is intense. I’m never relaxed. I am always tense, basically trying to protect my body from my own body. If I’m not aching from eczema I’m aching from itching the eczema.

    On Monday I went back to the naturopath (which I went to as a child) and she’s explained it has affected me more mentally, physically, externally and internally than I was even aware. I’m running on ‘Forced’ adrenalin. Waking up in sheets I’d dressed the bed with 8 hours ago that are already to get washed again. Clothes and towels much the same. Pushing myself to get out of bed is one thing, amping myself up to have a shower then to get dressed is another. High collared tops, scarfs, chin into my chest, hiding everything head to toe. And trust me it looks bad, but feels 100 times worse.

    I’ve got a bit of faith in the naturopath even though I’ve lost faith in everything else I’ve tried. Naturopathy is something I think will pump out the crap and balance my body out again naturally. You’ve gotta get worse before you get any better.

    It’s amazing how mentally strong you are to keep the positivity but when you’re low it is so low.

    I feel like our stories a much the same and I appreciate you sharing, it’s nice to know I’m not alone!

  40. Hi Amy, I am Uruguayan, and I was delighted with his history and courage.
    You are enchantingly beautiful. Never give up to your life and goals.

    And sorry for my poor English;

    Love, William.

    1. Hi William, please do not apologise for your English because your English is definitely better than my Spanish! 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comment. It certainly made me smile. Mucho amor de, Amy-Lou xx

  41. Hi Amy, i’m from Brazil. U are one of the most persistent warriors I’ve ever seen!! Me serves as inspiration. Thanks for being such a wonderful person. Send me an email, I’d be happy. XOXO

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