How do YOU measure achievement?…

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So last week I turned yet another year older, or another year ‘younger’ as I like to say. Let’s face it, the word ‘younger‘ is far more welcoming than that of ‘old‘. In the words of my Nanny Mave in her broad black country accent, “Dow the time fly!!!”, said just before she reminds you of the date and that it will “soon be Christmas”.  She’s right you know, the time just seems to be flying by which is a terrifying reality. It makes you start thinking of the future, questioning what you have achieved. I don’t own my own house yet, I don’t have that Audi I’ve been dreaming of, I am absolutely nowhere NEAR starting a family, nor am I a managing director of that huge company you always thought you’d be a part of, on copious amounts of money!!! What have I achieved!? To most, they would say nothing. Late twenties and no further on in life.
To all you lucky people out there who only have to worry about what new shoes to wear with that new expensive dress this weekend, have you not seen what we’ve all been through this past year!!!?
What have WE achieved? EVERYTHING!
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So yes, I may have moved back in with parents, but as the saying goes… ‘Taking a step backwards after a step forwards is not a disaster, it’s the cha-cha’. Ok, so we may not be able to actually dance because most of the time it’s hard to physically move without being in some sort of pain but in our minds we are having a right little disco! Yes, I did just say DISCO. You know, those things we used to go to as children to show off our disco dancing shapes to the spice girls and eat jelly and ice cream? Ahhh those were the days! Slightly off topic but what do the youths of today call them? A dance? No, that’s the 1950’s. A rave? No, that’s the 1980’s. Please someone enlighten me… what are they called these days? Does a DISCO still exist?
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So back to what I am really writing about… achievement. It’s so strange how most people base achievement on what you own and where you work. I hear so many people talk about how ‘well‘ my sister is doing and yes, correct, she IS doing well. She’s doing amazing in fact. She’s about to move into her new 4 bedroom house with her fiancé, she’s due to get married on the beach next year in sunny Sicily, she has a sparkling BMW and never looks anything other than beautifully stylish. I’m so proud of her for achieving all these things because she’s worked so hard for them. It makes you think, wow, I don’t have all of those things and I’m the older one with the degree! I had so many prospects, what happened? Well, this happened. Severe eczema happened. Depression happened. I, happened. My priorities changed. No longer was my main objective to get to the top of my career as quickly as possible, my main aim became to get through each day without giving up. My focus wasn’t earning the cash to buy that expensive watch I’d always dreamed of, it was to remain positive for every second of the day which is far harder than it sounds, believe me. Staying strong and being positive every day when all you want to do is give up, for over a year is possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. It’s physically and mentally draining. When I look at the facts, it turns out my sister hasn’t achieved any more than I have, which I know she will completely agree with, our achievements are just different. I guess what I’m saying, for all you people out there, and I know there is a lot, who feel like you haven’t achieved anything compared to others, is that you need to take time out for 5 minutes and think about everything you have gone through. It doesn’t matter what you own, it matters that you are still here today, living life. Yes, you may not be living life the way you always thought you would be but living you still are.
So you may have lay in bed all day because you’ve been in excruciating pain but you’ve got through it, ready to start another day! THAT’S an achievement. So you’ve had to quit your job because of your condition, but you’ve took one massive brave step to help get yourself back to good health! THAT’S an achievement. You’ve inspired others with the same condition and insecurities to get up and carry on! THAT’S an achievement.
Eczema chest 1
achievement 5
Don’t worry about what you don’t have and look at what you do! Brace yourself, I’m about to be super cheesy now… You have the strength of an OX (I image them to be rather strong), the determination of a hungry Lion (I image them to be rather determined) and the beauty of a summers day (There’s nothing more beautiful than the sunshine right?). You’re all amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Ok, so Sandra from down the road may look at you and say she thought you’d have been doing ‘better’ by now, but no offense Sandra, who are you again??? What significance do you have on my life again? Oh, none! That’s right. 😉
So all of you warriors, it’s time to be proud of yourselves, because you’ve achieved far more than you realise.
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Peace Out.

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  1. Have you tried eildel or been on methotrexate I too have a topic dermatitis and still battling it just wondering if you had tried those medications.

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