Oh hello pale, naked face!!!… Eeeek!

For the first time EVER this is me sharing with you my completely normal naked face and to be honest I’m feeling somewhat nervous about it! I’ve gained so much confidence when I’m covered in eczema that I’d forgotten what it feels like to be insecure about the way I look without make-up when I’m eczema free. People can be cruel sometimes and it’s hard to read negative comments. I guess I’ve just become so used to having a face full of eczema that I’d actually forgotten what I really look like. All of those old feelings of hating the way I look just seemed to come flooding back when I first looked in the mirror, but this time it’s different. This time I’m thankful for all of those features I’d spent so many years despising. How does the saying go again? ‘You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’… I couldn’t agree more. You can only work with what you’ve got at the end of the day and this is just what I have to work with.

naked face 1

Pushing aside my insecurity for baring all…
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!? A CLEAR FACE!!!! This I have not seen for years. I’d forgotten what having a smooth face felt like. The other day a lady said to me “Gosh, you look pale, are you feeling ok?” :O I was literally skipping with joy inside! For the first time in over a year I just look ill because I’m deathly pale and not because I have a flakey, patchy, weepy, swollen, bleeding face! I’ve never been so happy to look ill before! I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m still pretty much covered in eczema everywhere else but my face, neck and chest are giving me hope that one day my whole body will look as good as this.
I can’t stop feeling my smooth skin. I never thought it was possible to love my forever troublesome skin but here I am, completely in love with my super paleness! I used to get so down about people saying how pale I was, and suggesting I need get a tan but now that’s all beautiful music to my ears! I AM SO PALE I LOOK ILL AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER! 🙂 I absolutely do not intend to get a tan and I will cherish my paleness for as long as I can. I don’t doubt that this won’t last so for now, I’m going to enjoy every inch of it. 🙂

A little message to all of you wonderful people out there: Whatever problems and troublesome times you’re going through right now, whether that’s physical issues, mental issues or just issues with life in general, keep battling and think positive. I know sometimes it doesn’t feel like you will ever see the light again but this is proof that things do get better. It’s easier said than done, I agree, but you just need to give it time. 

If I can do it, so can you 🙂 
Peace out you beautiful lot.




8 thoughts on “Oh hello pale, naked face!!!… Eeeek!”

  1. I have severe eczema also. I live in canada, and my doctors say they have never seen such terrible eczema. Soooo… I completely understand what you are talking about it is so difficult to stay positive… because the bad days are HELL, and the good days are too good to be true. I am in the middle of a awful awful flare up…. it is the worst.

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