(Image taken in Taormina, Messina, Sicily, Italy)

Life is art. Art is life. Some are true artists. Others, not so much. Others, you. You are not a natural. You never listened in art class. You don’t know the techniques. Your hands shake, forever dropping the brush. The vast variety of brushes make it hard for you to know which one to use. You paint the sky. Red. It is wrong. Blue. Blue is right. How can you correct your error when you can’t erase the red? Blue over red makes brown. Brown is wrong. Blue is right. Why? Why blue? Why blue? Brown is wrong. Blue is right. But why? Why blue? Blue, is not your colour. You and blue don’t mix. Brown is wrong, but brown is you. You are not wrong. You are just different. Just because your colours don’t mimic reality doesn’t mean your picture is any less beautiful. So paint the sky red. Paint the ocean white. Draw the grassland as marshland. Draw the marshland as savannah. Live in the absurd, the mad, the crazy. Be bizarre, be strange, be colourful. Make mistakes to create new pictures. Discover that red and blue don’t make brown. You were never brown. You were always purple. You have the brushes. You have the colours. Now paint…



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