Firstly, I sincerely apologise for my absence. Me and eczema have been in a bit of a disagreement for the last week. You see eczema has decided to get it’s own back on me for trying to banish it from my life by relentlessly attacking my hands, making me unable to type and therefore unable reply to you lovely lot. I haven’t forgotten about you, you are all amazing and I promise I will get round to it.
Since the article about ‘my’ story was picked up by the news I’ve been over whelmed by your wonderful comments, emails, letters and advice.
See news article here from ‘The Daily Mail’…
For any of you that know me, you’d know how much a hate the daily mail. You really can’t believe anything read in the daily mail because it’s such nonsense but for the first time EVER I’m finding myself thanking ‘T.D.M’ because most of my new blog readers found me through their article. So yes, this will be the only ever time I will say this, so lap it up whilst you can… THANK YOU DAILY MAIL.
I was utterly shocked when I started receiving emails from people in Africa, Australia, Canada and BRAZIL! Now I say ‘BRAZIL’ in capitals because I have to say, you beautiful people have literally been so supportive and your messages are so poetic but I need you to know right now, that ‘google translator’ isn’t translating your messages very well. Just needed to throw that out there because I need you to know…
See example below…
So I suppose I should explain why I’ve separated ‘The woman cured by porridge’ and myself in the title of this post. Well I guess I needed to do that because as fantastic it would be, I’m not the woman with severe eczema cured by Quaker Oats. If only it was THAT easy!!! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against Quaker, infact I welcome him into my life with open arms as you all know but he certainly hasn’t cured me and for the record I don’t pay £1.99 for my oats, neither do I get them from TESCO, as the article states. I felt that needed to be clarified considering I’ve been told I am a PORRIDGE SNOB by an outraged article reader, he suggests I’m sending out the wrong message to you all by making people who can’t afford to pay £1.99 for porridge feel really rubbish. I somehow feel like he’s missed the whole point of the article, don’t you?
You’ve got to laugh at these things.
If I’m not the girl cured my porridge, who am I?
I am Amy-Louise James. I am a normal human being battling societies idea of what is ugly and what is not. I am not just the girl with eczema, I am just 1 human in a huge sphere of being’s around the world clawing through the conflict of ‘The perfect Image’ set by the world wide media. I am just me. The same as you.
Whatever the skin condition. Whatever the emotional scarring. Whatever the cultures, the beliefs, the language spoken… we all have one thing in common… BODY CONFIDENCE. Whether you’ve reached it already or whether it’s still something you’re striving to touch, it effects the lives of all of us. Every individual is motivating the other to break out of that beauty stereotype created by the media and together, we will make a difference.
Yes, my story has gone world wide, but that’s just one chapter, in one book, in a library full of stories.
Let’s stop thinking of our physical and emotional conditions as flaws because there are so many of us with skin conditions that it kind of just makes us ‘normal’.
Don’t you think?
Amy-Lou ❤


  1. Just dropping by to say I’ve recently started following, and I’m one of those who came across your blog after reading the Daily Mail article. A severe eczema sufferer myself, I think your blog is great. Keep up the good work and let’s hope we find a cure soon!

    1. Hi, I’m glad you like my blog. I try to keep it as up beat and as positive as possible. I’m sad to hear you also suffer from severe eczema. I hope your skin gets better soon and if ever you do find a miricle cure, be sure to let me know!!!! 😀 Amy-Lou xx

  2. Hi, I’m from Czech republic and our news portal also wrote an article about you and that’s how I found your website – I also suffer from p severe eczema. It’s a relief to see I’m not alone in this, so thank you for sharing your experiences on the internet and supporting your fellow eczema-sufferers ❤

  3. Hi, I was just wondering, did you contact the media about your use of oats? It seems they haven’t actually cured your problem? I was disappointed after reading online that the oats cured yours only to read here that the probem is ongoing? Are you still using the oats? I started using them and now I think maybe its a waste of time 😦 I feel for you though, my life has come to a complete halt because of related issues. All the best

    1. Hi there Chris. Thanks for the comment. I didn’t contact the media, they contacted me. I never said oats cured me I’m afraid, that’s something they have wrongly added in there. I do still use oats and I do still love them but they certainyl haven’t cured me, but they do help manage my eczema. What works for one doesn’t work for another so if the oats are at all irritating then stop using them. You can read more about this here: also, my problem is indeed an on-going one because I’m going through the process of topical steroid withdrawal which you can also read more about here I hope this helps. Let me know how you get on. Amy-Lou x

  4. Hi, I am one of those DM readers who started reading your posts after your article. I actually don’t have eczema but I have psoriasis instead, thank you for bringing skin conditions out there to the general public attention, I don’t care if people stare at me, I explain what’s wrong with my skin and No its not contagious etc…., am so interested in hearing your experience’s with different creams as well, good Luck x

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