NEW FAVOURITE: Just a beautiful necklace? Oh no, this little gem is so much more. <3

So basically I’ve purchased this beautiful necklace from ‘Aubergine Fox’ and I just love it so much I had to share it with you lovely lot.

Aviary Photo_130706523729125886

This necklace isn’t just any old ‘fashion necklace’ it’s a triangular shaped rough cut amethyst which is something rather special. Anyone who personally knows me would almost certainly say that me even considering purchasing jewellery with ‘healing qualities’ would be as probable as catching a tan in the north pole but I thought I’d make an exception this time because it was just so beautiful! I guess it gave me an excuse to buy it! 

Aviary Photo_130706521155734375

So why is this piece so special?
“Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace.”
There’s such a long list of things people use amethyst for and I really do feel that when it comes to healing stones it depends on a person’s personal journey and eventual goal to determine which aspects of the stones capabilities they use.

Aviary Photo_130710428273202278

I love the whole calming qualities this stone brings and the fact that it supposedly brings emotional stability, inner strength and patience which are three very important factors when tackling TSW or getting through any physical and mental disorder. When I get anxious and stressed it makes my skin all flare up and before I know it I’m back in a ball crying and screaming whilst tearing my skin apart so any help with staying calm is much appreciated. Having a little bit of a foot booster with getting back to being emotionally stable is also welcomed into my life with open arms. Anyone suffering with depression will tell you how your emotional state can sometimes seem like a tornado of utter confusion which will inevitably bring on frustration, which makes you stressed, which then makes your skin flare etc… It’s a vicious cycle. As I’ve been tackling TSW for 9 months so far and have a hell of a long way to go patience is key but sometimes it can be difficult to remain that way. So yes, WELCOME to my world little calming stone, you certainly have you’re work cut out for you!

Aviary Photo_130706521520973375

The shape of the necklace to me is just as important as the stone itself. With the triangle being the STRONGEST of all shapes it reminds me to stay strong every time I look down at it. Staying strong may sometimes seem impossible and in moments of weakness this little gem of a necklace has really helped me to stay on track.

Aviary Photo_130706523902148204

So all in all, this necklace has literally become my favourite piece of jewellery. Not only is it beautifully stunning but it will hopefully also give me a helping hand through my difficult journey to rid my skin of topical steroids.


You can find other gorgeous pieces of jewellery and beautiful things to decorate your desks with at
aubergine fox
instagram @AUBERGINEFOX on Twitter @AubergineFox or on etsy at

Thank you Aubergine Fox. You can add me to your long line of happy customers!
Amy-Lou ❤


One thought on “NEW FAVOURITE: Just a beautiful necklace? Oh no, this little gem is so much more. <3”

  1. I too had serious eczema in my late teens and early 20s. Lots of secondary infections, also eczema herpeticum caused by cold sore. I had glandular fever which triggered a very serious deterioration leading to hospitalisation. I had PUVA treatment (Psoralen and UVA) as I found skin better in summer. It lead to a massive and dramatic improvement and my skin is much better now, not perfect, but only very mild symptoms.

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