Beautiful hair to help your flare… <3



Ever been in a flare and desperately needed to get the hair off your face!? Or ever needed to go out on a bad skin day but feel like you’re a 90’s/00’s throw back by having to sport the scraped back ‘Melanie C’ ponytail? Well, worry not my eczema dears, I have the perfect solution!

My incredible friend Megs from Wonderful_you http://www.wonderful– posted a hair tutorial on her youtube channel of a ‘Quick & Easy Messy Up Do’ the other day which was simply love at first site!

We all know those moments far too well whereby you just HAVE to get every bit of hair off your face as quickly as possible because your face is as itchy as a cat with fleas and every strand of hair that falls on your face burns because your face literally feels like it is on fire! Have I used the word face one too many times? Oh… I apologise.
That mad rush to find bobbles and bobby pins is a frequent and tedious routine in my life. Which may I just add, is never as simple as it sounds because the bobbles are never in the places you think they are and you can buy a pack of 200 bobby pins with a 100% guarantee off losing them all.

This hair style is my ultimate favourite at the moment.

It’s great for those days where you need to just put it up and leave the house but still want to look like you’ve made an effort. I don’t know about you but with my skin being as it is at the moment, I sometimes look as though I’ve let myself go and having to just put my hair into a ponytail because I can’t wear it down makes me feel a little grubby. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against the good ole’ponytail. Some people can rock the hell out of that tail of a pony and make it look awesome but I unfortunately make it look like an thin, frayed, neglected tail of a rundown old Donkey. This hairstyle however, is beautiful, long lasting and, providing you’ve secured it properly, it will stay in place when you itch your scalp without you having to irritate your scalp further by using hairspray.

This hairstyle is really on trend at the moment and looks amazing on those with thick hair like Meg’s but also looks just as good on us lot of TSW hair thinning beauties. That frequent hair loss we’re having to experience isn’t going to get us down that’s for sure! We can do it to!

It is really quick to do and so simple. Click on the link below to watch Meg’s easy tutorial and have a go! 
I guarantee you’ll love it as much as I do!
Amy-Lou ❤


Head over to the Wonderful You YouTube channel for fashion, beauty and all things wonderful. 🙂


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