Well hello again,
I do hope all is well with you and your skin isn’t giving you too much aggravation.

Today I thought I’d share with you my favourite garment at the moment. A lot of bloggers do ‘Outfit of the day’ so I thought I’d hop on that #OOTD wagon but for very different reasons.
I think it’s clear I’m not a ‘fashion blogger’, I’m not exactly ‘on trend’. It’s difficult to stay on track with current trends when you have a skin condition, I’m sure you can all relate to that issue. With most materials being too itchy to wear our fashion choices are very limited. We’re kind of like vegetarian’s in a restaurant when it comes to picking clothes. Being a veggie myself, I know all too well that feeling of going into a restaurant and seeing all the different yummy choices but being fobbed off with a frozen bean burger whilst watching everyone else tuck into their amazing food! I like to think of a fashion store just like that, with ‘100% cotton’ being that standard frozen bean burger we have to put up with and all the other beautiful clothes being those amazing dinners those lucky ones get to indulge in. Although I don’t particularly like referring to those who don’t suffer with skin conditions as lucky, you never quite know what people are going through and there’s always someone who wishes they have what you have. I think it’s always important to remember that.
So, back on topic, my outfit. My pictures certainly aren’t to promote the said clothing, they are simply to show you guys what I where and how I cover up the full extent of my eczema as itch free as possible.
I simply went out to the park with my best friend the dog and a camera. 

I am certainly no model and I’d just like to point out that posing for pictures is actually EXTREMELY DIFFICULT! To all of those bloggers who model clothing, I take my top hat off to you! A hat made of 100% cotton to be specific. 😉 So after epically failing at trying to look remotely professional we just kind of ended up messing around. I am not a model, never have been, never will be. I’m known for being anything other than photogenic (family trait) so these unfiltered pictures is just simply me being ‘me’. They aren’t perfect but neither am I. 

Back to the matter at hand, I just had to blog about this dress. Why you may ask…
1. The long sleeves and high neck subtly covers up most of your eczema so there’s less chance of your skin being irritated. It also disguises it for those moments where you don’t want to have to explain to everyone why your eczema is so bad.

2. It’s versatile. You can just stick a coat and scarf on making it casual with flat shoes, perfect for walking the dog in the park or you can put a nice chunky statement necklace on with some heals and bobs your Uncle, you’ve got a casual dress up outfit.

3. The material is really soft and because it isn’t tightly fitted, it allows your skin to breath more easily, causing less heated flare ups. With the colour also being a dark red, it doesn’t show up and spots of blood from open wounds.









TIGHTS: PRIMARK 100% cotton

I hope this is of any help to all of you suffering from the same fashion problems as me!
Remember, it’s not what you wear, it’s how you work it! 🙂
Amy-Lou ❤


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