So today I thought I’d share my Top 5 make-up favourites with you. It’s strange really but every time I hear the phrase ‘TOP 5’ I automatically think of those notes you used to pass to your friends back in school days constantly asking them what their ‘TOP 5 BOYS ARE’ every lesson! It would obviously change throughout the day depending on whether you’ve had a good lesson with one of them or not and then the said boys, when the note was secretly passed to them by your best friend who swore to not tell they would instantly get offended if they’d dropped down a place. A Top 5 school boy charts if you will. Remember those days? No? Oh… AWK!

Anyhoo enough reminiscing (Blazin’ Squad reference) let’s talk make-up.

So as you all will know by now that I suffer with severe eczema all over so finding the right make-up has been a constant challenge for me. I will be filming a make-up tutorial video in due course to show you guys how I cover it up and talking about all I have in my make-up bag but for now I thought I’d keep it simple and stick to 5 favourites.


Fifth place has to go to my…

concealer writing

This concealer really does the job required to a pretty high standard. I have red blotches all over my face so this really helps to create the illusion of my face being all one colour. It is very dry and I apply it with a concealer brush, dabbing it onto the red patches prior to putting on foundation. I mostly end up covering the whole face with it on most make-up days because my skin is so blotchy but it worry not about that because it creates a great even base for your foundation. I cannot stress enough how important it is to get your skin all moisturised and all that dry skin scrubbed off before using this. It can look horrendous if you apply it straight onto flaky skin. What’s great about this MAC product is that MAC will match up your colour for you there and then without you having to take any make-up off etc… so you know you’re spending your money on something that is right for you. There’s nothing worse than getting home with new make-up purchases to find they are the wrong colour! If I am ever having a make-up day I don’t go anywhere without using this little gem so I just had to throw it into my top 5. 


Forth place has to go tooooo…

lipstick writing

I just love the whole of the ‘Kate Moss’ lipstick range but my favourite of the month has to go to shade ‘05’. With it being winter I feel that adding a subtle rosy lip really adds a taste of summer to your look which I feel strangely really compliments a wintery theme. With my skin being red and patchy you’d think having a rosy lip would just enhance the redness but I find that it actually takes the attention away from it and draws attention to those juicy lips which works wonders for the rather worrying ‘she’s staring at my skin’ thoughts that nag away at anyone with a skin complex. I have a burst of confidence when I’m rocking this so in the top 5 it goes! 


In third place comes the…

mascara writing

This is a newbee to my make-up bag. I have so much love for this. I frequently suffer with swollen eyes due to TSW or itching my eczema I have on the lids in the night so I need mascara that will open up my tiny key hole resembling eyes and will be long lasting throughout the day which won’t cause irritation. This Dior mascara really does tick all of those boxes. The brush is a huge factor when choosing any mascara and this one in particular is great for anyone with little eyes. It’s a small rounded brush that really gets to the root of all eyelashes. It also has a fixing agent it in which will make sure those lashes are curled as much as possible and will stay that way all day. This is great for those people with shorter lashes like mine and inevitably, the bigger the lash, the more open the eye looks. The colour is also really bold which is a weird thing to say considering it’s black but you do get a lot of mascara’s which say they’re black but need quite a lot of coats to achieve that colour. I only use two coats of this one which is great because no one wants clogged lashes. The spider lash may have been fashionable in the 90’s and 00’s eras but times have certainly changed. So for those reasons combined, it had to go into my TOP 5.


The runner up in second place goes tooo…

eyeshade writing

I absolutely love this pallet. The colours are beautiful and they work great together. I mean, I recommend you don’t use them ALL at the same time but I mean, I wouldn’t judge you if you did. Whatever floats your boat and all that. It is a very versatile little pallet which can create a variety of looks for both daytime and night time make-up. The shades are subtle so you can’t accidentally go overboard easily which is always a plus factor, a problem a lot of us have! The eye shadows are really soft and light which is so important to anyone suffering with eczema on the eye lids. They also blend extremely well together making your eyes look a lot softer. I usually apply with a brush and then blend with a small blending brush. I find this much more effective and less painful when applying to that tender skin. This eye shadow is long lasting and doesn’t irritate my eyes at all so I use the dark brown underneath my eyes instead of harsh eyeliner that normally causes me to itch. This pallet is great if you’re on the move. Its shiny gold casing is just beautiful and with it being small, it’s great to just slip into the handbag for those emergencies! It also works as a pocket mirror as you can see so it really does kill 2 birds with one stone, except there will be no birds killed and no stones thrown. Result! So taking all of this into consideration I just had to put it as runner up!


So number 1 has to go toooooo

foundation writing

I cannot express how much love I have for this product! It’s absolutely flawless and I can’t make any complaints. With it being ‘double wear’ it really does give a great coverage and it’s surprising light making it easier to apply. You will need to generously moisturise prior to applying if you have super dry skin but once your moisturiser has dried this goes on so well. It’s silky smooth and gives a beautiful finish. I treat mine like a little pot of paint. Putting a tiny bit on my soft foundation brush and applying lightly to the face gradually. The last thing you want to do is rub it in. Treat your face a canvas, carefully painting it on. This technique works well with people suffering with dry skin. You need something that will lightly brush over it rather than something that will create more flakes because of harshness. What is great about double wear also is that you can sample before you buy. When you go to the estee lauder counter you can ask for a sample and they will discuss what colour they think you are and give you a 1 months’ supply in a little tub. Although, it tends to last longer than 1 month. If you get home and the colour isn’t for you, you can just go back and ask for a different colour so you can keep trying until you get the right one for you. I just absolutely love it so it had to be the winner of January’s favourites. 


So those are my January personal favourites. Obviously everyone is different so what works for me might not work for you! I know how frustrating finding the right make-up is so I thought I’d leave my thoughts on a few bits and bobs to give you a helping hand. 
Leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve had any experiences with these products or if there are any products you would recommend.  Any question, don’t be shy, just ask. 😀
Thanks lovelies.xx
Amy-Lou ❤


One thought on “MY JANUARY TOP 5 MAKE-UP GEMS…”

  1. hey there! thanks for the tip here! I do suffer eczema as well, and actually I’ve refrained myself from using make-up, thinking it would just worsen my skin. I don’t know much about make-up or using make-up so this is very helpful. I was wondering though what products you use to clean the make-up off. And do you use any products for acne / pimples? (btw, i’ve just recently come upon your blog / instagram – and it’s very inspiring. you’re very brave and beautiful, hope I could be as strong as you!)

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