My rating on LUSH Porridge Soap…

Well hello there my lovelies! It’s certainly that time again, the time to rate some products! Or one particular product to be exact and I do like to be exact! Give me fact, not fiction and so fact is certainly what I shall be giving you.

If you follow my instagram account @cheese_isakindofmeat you will already be aware that I have put the LUSH ‘porridge soap’ to the ultimate test and given it a 7 day trail. The 7 days were up yesterday and so it’s time for the verdict.

LUSH was always a shop I avoided like the plague. Ok, maybe to say I avoided it like the plague is a little dramatic, but I certainly didn’t go anywhere near the shop for fear of being ushered in by the overly polite and weirdly passionate employees insisting they show you how a bath bomb works in a small metal bowl allocated at the front of every store, whereby you have to pretend you’re amazed by it and awkwardly act like you may consider buying one before trying to leave the store subtly. Top marks for customer service I suppose. To suggest to them that you can’t use bath bombs due to having a skin condition only strikes up a pointless conversation that frankly takes up too much of my precious time where they insist their products are all natural but failing to understand that it doesn’t matter how ‘natural’ their products are, bathing in black pepper and grapefruit is never going to agree with our skin, and well, to bring up the topic of TSW is a whole different conversation! Having to constantly explain to people the dangers of topical steroids and the process of withdrawing from them really does get a little tedious at times.

After my best friend Sam insisted I go into the shop with her when on a shopping trip I naturally started checking out all the products they have to offer, mainly to avoid looking like a lost puppy and therefore being approached by the said staff trying to do a bit of ‘add on’ sales. My ‘bessie’ (as they label best friends these days, whoever ‘they’ may be) directed me to a soap called ‘porridge soap’ due to me constantly insisting oats are good for your skin. It wasn’t the most attractive looking soap to be brutally honest, if soap can be attractive that is but regardless of its weird appearance I thought I’d do some research. After all, as we all know by now, you should never just anyone or anything by its physical appearance.

The ingredients aren’t quite ‘ALL natural’ as the staff constantly insist, which wasn’t exactly a shock discovery. The soap consists of…
Water (Aqua), Rapeseed Oil and coconut oil, Glycerine, Pinhead Oatmeal, Sorbitol, Fresh Organic Orange Juice, Titanium Dioxide, Perfume, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Labdanum Resinoid, Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Sodium Chloride, EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Sodium Hydroxide and Limonene.

I mean, half of these ingredients sounded rather alien to me but I thought, meh, why not, let’s give this baby a go. So I whipped up a little block which I picked up for something like £3.95 which I thought was a fair price if it worked and if it didn’t I wouldn’t be crying over the loss of £4. Although you could get 4 99p ice creams in a cone from the ice cream van for that price which is a little upsetting when I think about it. So I started using it on my face first, the soap that is not the ice cream. I used to wash my face in AQS cream every morning and every night and when I first started using it I’d have sworn by it but I had noticed that lately it had been drying my face out quicker than the time it takes me to reach out for my moisturiser to plaster on my face finishing the process. So the first time I used the porridge soap, it was actually really refreshing. It left my skin feeling great and the little bits of pinhead oatmeal actually worked as a mild exfoliator which helped the process of scrubbing off that stubborn dry skin I wake up with every morning. It definitely left my face feeling much more hydrated and far less blotchy than the AQS cream previously prescribed to me by my doctor. So after 7 days of using this on my face morning and night I’d give it the thumbs up. I did have to use a little moisturiser afterwards though as my face started to feel rather tight after about an hour so I slapped on the Aveeno oat based cream which unusually stayed put for most of the day. YAY!
So thumbs up for the face, but I felt it was time to give it the full body test. This really is where anything trialled shows it’s true colours. I don’t know about you but the rest of my body flares like mad if the wrong product is used. To say I was nervous was an understatement. There’s nothing like an all over body flare after bathing to stamp on your positivity. I ran myself an oatmeal bath, which I will blog about in due course, and attempted to use the dreaded porridge soap. I was surprised with the results. It felt relatively calming actually and my skin seemed to welcome it freely like we welcome the sun’s rays on a lovely summer’s day. It was heaven! It didn’t quite smell of strawberries but it definitely smelt better than the medical stink of AQS cream. I did need to use rather a lot of it as it didn’t really froth up but that wasn’t a problem as the block seems to be quite long lasting. Once I’d finished bathing I had a bit of an issue because I had a huge flare but this is fairly standard after soaking in water. For a lot of people a nice bath or shower is a relief but for me it’s hell! My skin just cannot handle water! It’s not surprising though considering water dehydrates your already dry skin. My flare however, was surprisingly over quite quickly. I usually, after bathing in anything from Oilatum to AQS cream spend at least 2 hours shivering on the sofa from itchiness with socks on my hands and my head on my partners lap so that she can stroke my back constantly to relieve the deep itch I have all over my sore and painful body. This time however, I was able to deal with the after bathing nightmare by myself and although I cried and screamed a lot I seemed to fall asleep from exhaustion within 30 minutes. I 100% believe it has everything to do with using this new LUSH porridge soap. So all in all I’m giving it the thumbs up for all over body use.

So it’s time to give it the ‘Did someone say cheese’ rating…
• ITCHINESS, 1 being itch-free and 10 being unbearable.
**DRUM ROLL**: I give it a very happy 3! 😀
Would I recommend this to others going through TSW or suffering from eczema?
WELL DONE LUSH. You have 1 very happy customer.

Have you tried this product also? How was your experience? Leave a comment and let me know. 
Amy-Lou ❤


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