How 2014 shaped my outlook for the new year. Oh yes, and A HAPPY 2015 TO ALL YOU LOVELY PEOPLE!

JAN 06

Wow! 6 days into the new year already.  I’d say “you can’t believe where the time has gone can you?” but I fear I would sound like my nan so we’ll leave that one out, even though it’s what we’re all thinking. New year, new start is what is being said on every social media site possible by all sorts of people and there are talks of “Time to start the gym again and get fit” or “No more junk food, it’s time for some healthy eating” amongst my best friends. I mean, it’s pretty clear this new found attitude to life will start to slip after January.  If people really kept it up we wouldn’t see the same repetitive quotes every year because there would be no need to say them if you’re already gyming it up and living that healthy lifestyle everyone strives for.

I looked at my resolutions from last year which certainly mimicked all of the above with the slight difference of ‘have more fun’. Have I achieved any of this? Well, that is debatable. I didn’t attend any gym but I did work out from home for 1 month out of the 12 months which counts right? I did also start to eat more vegetables, but being a pescetarian that was pretty much standard anyway, regardless of that fact I’d say it still counts though? I did, however, turn to the takeaways pretty quickly though which became slightly worrying when my Pizzahut answered the phone with the line “Hello Amy-Lou, would you like the usual?”. You know you’ve eaten too much pizza when the pizza hut staff almost become your friends! Awkward.

As for the third resolution of ‘have more fun’, I can’t say I achieved this to the extent of my intentions. I had big plans for the summer especially. At the start of the year I booked off the whole of the last month in July and the whole of August with the intention of really enjoying myself. Maybe attend some festivals, go out on day trips, do a bit of travelling, spend time with friends drinking cocktails and generally having ‘more fun’ but what I actually ended up doing was the complete opposite. My idea of ‘having fun’ has now completely changed which I don’t think is necessary a bad thing at all. I now appreciate the little things in life. It’s not all about big gestures and day trips. I appreciate a good sofa day with my partner and friends more than I ever did before and I can now say that I can see what all the fuss is about! Especially as I have discovered NETFLIX! This has taken over my life.

Tuesday the 13th of May is where my life changed completely and suddenly those New Year’s resolutions I’d made just over 4 months before became completely irrelevant. The 13th of May marks the day where I stopped steroids completely and started my somewhat turbulent journey of Topical Steroid Withdrawal. It has taught me a lot and has had a weirdly positive effect on my life. It may have been a difficult 7 months so far but the impact it has had on me as an individual has been insane! I have learnt that life isn’t all about looking as beautiful as possible because my existence doesn’t depend on how much other people find me attractive. I’ve learnt that positivity is imperative when recovering from a topical steroid addiction. I’ve learnt not to be so quick to judge because behind everyone’s smile there is always some sort of pain and suffering that you are unaware of, everyone has their own difficult journey. I’ve learnt that everyone of us is stronger than we think, our bodies are wonderful things that can handle anything and I’ve learnt that TSW isn’t just something you just go through, it’s a whole life style change that not only effects the person going through it but also the people supporting you. Respecting them and understanding their point of view is certainly the key to a smooth running recovery. It’s hard to see an out siders point of view when TSW seems to completely devour and strangulate any thoughts regarding other people and makes you extremely self-involved  which can be extremely dangerous if you let it take over you. How you handle things is a choice that only you can make. You can either let it beat you or you can tell it where to go and beat the hell out of it. Don’t let it run your life. This is your life and this steroid addiction doesn’t have the right to tell you how to run it, take back the control. Just by putting a smile on your face through the hard times and being positive on even the darkest of days means you’re already half way there! 😉 Stay strong peeps!  Together we will beat this, one day at a time. Loves.xx Amy-Lou ❤


2 thoughts on “How 2014 shaped my outlook for the new year. Oh yes, and A HAPPY 2015 TO ALL YOU LOVELY PEOPLE!”

  1. Hi

    Firstly, wow, I think you are amazing to write this blog and share your experience online. I randomly came across your blog via the Daily Mail (love a bit of mindless DM reading in my breaks!), I was attracted by the words, Porridge and Eczema (which I never know how to spell despite having suffered all my life!) as I have seen positive results with beauty products containing oats before. Now I have to be honest, my eczema is nothing as severe as yours and I almost feel embarrassed to write considering how much you are going through but I hoped that you would rather hear from a fellow sufferer than no one at all even if my eczema is not as bad? My eczema is at the moment on my hands and my lips, it does flit around the body a fair bit but for the past ten years it has been mainly my face and hands. The eye lids were probably the worst although the lips are pretty gross too! Anyway, I want to read more on your blog as everything I’ve read so far is very interesting but I also saw that you mentioned that you love all things cheese, have you tried eliminating dairy totally? You have to do it for at least 4 weeks, better 6 weeks to see if it will have any effect. Also have you tried homeopathy? My eczema was much worse when I was a child, all over my body etc and I do like to credit homeopathy with helping despite mine and other’s scepticism. One last thing, and I apologise if you have tried all these before..have you tried fasting? I am currently following the 5:2 diet to try and shed post pregnancy pounds and I think I have seen an improvement in my hands and lips and I have done the diet in the past before for longer and I remember seeing the improvement then too. Anyway, long comment but essentially I wanted to say I think it is great what you are doing and I hope it is helping you as much as I am sure you are helping others.



    1. Hi Caroline. Just because your eczema doesn’t look as bad as mine (so you say) doesn’t mean it isn’t as bad. It doesn’t matter whether it covers your whole body or whether it’s small patches on your arms, eczema is still as annoying and will still keep you up all night. Hand eczema is seriously the worst! It is SO irritating! I’ve cut out cheese, and completely cut down on dairy products. I hope to cut it out completely but I enjoy milky tea too much! 😦 I have tried to 5:2 diet yes. I’ve been on so many diet’s it’s unreal! I really have to watch my weight because if I over-eat one day I seriously pay for it! Please don’t feel like you’re somehow inferior because you have more clear skin than I do. We are all in the same boat here and we all need to stick together. ❤ Loads of

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